Boiler Feed Pump: Definition, Types, Parts, Working, Advantages

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This blog post will give you an overview of boiler feed pump with their definitions, Types, parts, working, and benefits.

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Boiler Feed Pump

What is Boiler Feed Pump?

It is a feed pump used to feed fresh or general water into the boiler directly from the water tank or Deaerator Tank and further this water is used to generate steam using the boiler.

Now, these days centrifugal pumps are used to feed the boiler with water due to their high pressure and high rate of flow, so these feed pumps can be known as high-pressure boiler feed pumps.

Types of Boiler Feed Pump-

There are basically two types of boiler feed pumps and they are-

  1. Stamped stainless steel vertical multistage inline pumps
  2. Multistage horizontal ring section pumps

1. Stamped stainless steel vertical multistage inline pumps-

This feed water pump is used to transfer high-pressure fluid or water using impellers. The inlet and outlet of this pump are situated in a straight line.

2. Multistage horizontal ring section pumps-

This type of boiler feed water pump consists of two or more impellers which increase the pressure and flow of the water multiple times due to multiple impeller installations.

Parts of Boiler Feed Pump-

There are mainly four major components that exist in this boiler feed water pump and they are-

  1. Casing
  2. Shaft
  3. Impeller
  4. Balance Chamber

boiler feed pump diagram

1. Casing-

It is an airtight and watertight shell that protects the internal appliances of this pump and further helps them to work properly.

This shell also helps to convert kinetic energy into pressure energy which further gives more pressure to the water.

2. Shaft-

It is a long metal rod connected to the motor and further sends mechanical energy to the impeller generated from the motor.

3. Impeller-

It consists of multiple vanes and is further connected to the shaft.

The impeller rotates the water so strongly with the help of its blades which further creates pressure in the water and sends it to the boiler.

4. Balance Chamber-

High Pressurized water created by the impeller can cause to lose of the fitting of the boiler. To prevent the pump from being loose and further boiler to stop, this balance chamber is used.

Working of Boiler Feed Pump-

When water enters from the inlet into the feed pump from the reservoir or Deaerator Tank, the impeller rotates the coming water at high speed and throws it at the wall of the shell.

The rotation of impeller blades further rotates the water and thus results in an increase in the pressure and motion of water.

This high-pressure and high-speed water send to the outlet of the pump aiming at the boiler.

In short, The work of boiler feed water is to increase the pressure and speed of the water.

Advantages of Boiler Feed Pump-

Here are some benefits of this feed pump mentioned below-

  1. This helps to keep the pressure of water at a constant level
  2. It can switch off or on as per need
  3. It Doesn’t have too much maintenance
  4. It helps to run the boiler without interruption


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