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compound machines

What is Compound Machine?

Compound machines are a tool which uses two or more Simple machine to work, known as Compound Machine.

A wheelbarrow is the best example of a compound machine which is made up of a combination of some simple machines such as a lever, wheel and axle.


Working of Compound Machines-

Compound machines are used to raise the applied forces on the body.

In this context, you can take the example of the Finishing Pole, which is made up of some simple machines such as a wheel, axle and lever.

With the help of a wheel and axle, the rope is reeled-In and the lever helps to lift up the fishing rod effortlessly.

This is how most Compound machines are working together to make the task easy and effortless.

fishing rod

Uses of compound Machines-

These are some uses of compound machines-

  1. To Move heavy objects-
  2. Attaching soft materials
  3. Opening bottles
  4. Lifting Loads
  5. To dig out
  6. Drilling
  7. To cut something

1. To move heavy objects- 

The first and foremost uses of compound machines are to carry out heavy loads with less effort and simple machines.

The wheelbarrow is the perfect example for this kind of use, where the bucket is filled with heavy loads and can be moved easily without applying too much effort.

moving heavy object

2. Attaching soft materials-

By adding two simple machines wedge and lever, a compound machine called Stapler is used to join two or more soft materials or papers using a stapler pin.

compounds machines

3. Opening Bottles-

Most can bottle are opened with the help of a compound machine called a can opener made of four simple machines lever, gear, axle, and wedge.

4. Lifting Loads-

Compound machines are used in lifting loads and in this segment, the crane is the best example of compound machining used to lift weight or loads.

Crane is made up of multiple simple machines, ie- Lever, Fulcrum, pulley, wheels and axle and so on.


5. To dig out-

Compound machines are used in digging the land or need to di-construct any kind of construction. These heavy-duty compound machines are known as excavators, made up of wheels, axles and levers.


6. Drilling-

When we talk about drilling, how can we forget the drilling machines comes under compound machines made up of wheel, axle, and lever?


7. To cut something-

scissor is one of the famous compound machines, that is used in our day-to-day life to cut something by applying the two simple machines known as wedge and lever.


The efficiency of Compound Machine-

The efficiency of compound machines is based on the number of simple machines used Because simple machines provide high efficiency than compound machines due to fewer moving parts added to the simple machines.

As compound machines are a sum of simple machines, this contributes to an increase in friction and results in lesser efficiency than a simple machine.

To reduce friction and increase efficiency, oil and grease are applied to these machines.

Mechanical Advantage of Compound Machines-

Mechanical advantage is the factor which is used to multiply the forces applied to the object.

Here this machine has multiple simple machines which increase the mechanical advantages of compound machines.

Due to the use of multiple simple machines, the applied forces are increased and this makes CMs more effective and gives them more flexibility in working and makes work easier.

Let’s look at the formula of Mechanical Advantages of Compound Machines

MA= Fo/Fi

Advantages of Compound Machines-

These are some major benefits of Compound machines-

  • Higher mechanical advantage
  • Low amount of force needed
  • Less effort needed
  • Make work Easier
  • The direction of force can be changed easily

Higher Mechanical Advantages-

The addition of multiple simple machines makes these machines higher in terms of mechanical advantages and thus provides comfortable working time.

Low amount of force needed-

Due to high mechanical advantages, the Applied force has increased the output force and thus these machines are needed less amount of force to work on.

Less effort needed-

Due to a decrease in applied force on the input end, less effort is needed to work and thus more work is done in less amount of effort or energy.

Make Work Easier-

As less effort and a low amount of energy is expended, this makes work easier and less feeling of burden and thus more work done in the same amount of energy.

The direction of force can be changed easily-

To get an understanding of this benefit, take an example of the wheelbarrow and see how a push force applied from the input end turns in rotary motion with the help of the wheel.

This shows, How these machines are helpful in changing the dimension of force applied.

Disadvantages of Compound Machines-

These are some drawbacks of Compound machines-

  • Lower Efficiency
  • Frequent maintenance needed
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to setup
  • A trained person needed to operate

How are compound machines different from simple machines?

Simple and compound machines are known to work the same as these machines make one’s life easy by reducing workloads.

Here simple machines can be made of a single simple machine but compound machines are made of multiple simple machines and thus more work is done with a high mechanical advantage.

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