What’s the Difference between Condenser and Evaporator? (PDF)

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What are Condensers?

A condenser is a cooling device that either release heat or collects heat. It is also a form of heat exchanger device.

In general, Condensing gas in liquid and vice versa is the main work of the condenser and this state of changing the form of fluid, is known as condensation.

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What is Evaporator?

The evaporator converts the liquid refrigerant into the vapour state by absorbing heat from the surrounding, known as the evaporator.

This is the main part of the refrigeration system used in various industries as well as in-home refrigeration and air conditioning.

Although, These devices condenser and evaporator used in the refrigeration system and evaporator and condenser are one type of heat exchanger in general.

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Difference between condenser and Evaporator-

Here are some major differences between condenser and evaporator in tabular form-

Condenser Evaporator
Heat exchanger Device which releases heatHeat exchanger Device which absorbs heat
Condenser changes gases into liquid and releases heat into the surroundingEvaporator Collects liquid and changes into the vapour collecting heat from the surrounding
Exothermic processEndothermic process
High internal pressureLow internal pressure
A crucial part of the refrigeration systemThe essential part of the refrigeration appliances
Mostly Outdoor unitIndoor Unit
The most suitable material is copper to manufacture condenserThe most used material to manufacture evaporators is aluminium and copper
Release energy while phase changeRequire energy while phase change
High-pressure fluid handling capacityLow-pressure fluid handling capacity

Types of Condenser-

  1. Air Cooled 
  2. Water Cooled
  3. Evaporative type

Types of Evaporator-

  1. Box type
  2. Tube type
  3. Plate type

These were some major points differences between condensers and evaporators concluded in tabular form for easy understanding.


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difference between condenser and evaporator pdf



Before you go, Here are some Q&A sessions, you should look at-


Can a condenser be used as an evaporator?

No, both have different properties in terms of working. Hence they can not be replaced with one another.

Can a condenser be bigger than an evaporator?

Yes, it can be, but it will cost a higher rate of electricity and a short life span of the unit. The balance arrangement is best suited in terms of the sizing of these devices.


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