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What is Condenser Coil?

A condenser coil is used in the refrigeration system to condense the vapour into the liquid state via condensing coil, known as the condenser coil.

The main function of the condenser coil is to release heat to outdoor air.


What is Evaporator Coil?

The evaporator coil is the main part of Air-conditioning system and it is used to absorb heat from the air inside and vent it outside, known as the evaporator coil.

The evaporator coil is located inside the air handler.


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Difference between Condenser coil and Evaporator coil-

Here are some basic differences between these devices given in the tabular form down below-

Condenser CoilEvaporator Coil

Heat is captured by the condenser coil and released outdoors.

Provides cooling by removing heat and moisture from indoor air
High-Pressure CoilLow-Pressure Coil
Converts gas into liquidConverts liquid into gas
Release heat into the EnvironmentAbsorb heat from the Environment
Uses exhaust fan to release heatUses coolant to absorb heat
The condenser coils are usually made of copperThe evaporators coil also made of copper
An essential element of the refrigeration systemAn essential element of the air conditioning system
Types of heat exchangerAlso a type of heat exchanger

These were the most common differences between these two devices given above.


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Before you go, here is the Q&A session, you should attain for while.


Is an evaporator coil the same as a cooling coil?

The evaporator coil is also known as an indoor coil or cooling coil. These both terms are the name of the same coil, ie, Evaporator coil.

Can you use evaporator coil cleaner on condenser coils?

No, it should not be recommended because of specification. The evaporator cleaners are designed to clean evaporators coil heavy dust.

How long does the evaporator coil last?

With proper maintenance, the life span of the evaporators coil is from 9 to 15 years approx.

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