Top 15 Difference between Nuts and Bolts

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I’m going to discuss the top 15 distinctions between the nut and bolt, As you know these are fantastic tools for any workshop.

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Difference between Nuts and Bolts

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Difference Between Nuts and Bolts-

Here are some basic differences between these two tools-

01.A nut is a mechanical threaded fastener which used to join two or more parts.A bolt is also a fastener which is used to join two or more parts with the help of a nut.
02.The nut has an internally threaded designWhile the bolt has an external threaded design.
03.The nut has a hollow cylindrical circular cross-sectional design.While Nut has a solid cylinder circular cross-section design.
04.Basically, Nuts are fully threaded fasteners.The bolt can be fully threaded or partial threaded.
05.Nuts are smaller in sizeWhile Bolts are larger in size
06.Nuts do provide a locking mechanismThe bolt does not provide any locking mechanism.
07.Nuts don’t have a structure of the headWhile bolts do have heads and these heads can be in different sizes.
08.Compressive stress is induced in NutsTensile stress is induced in bolts
09.failure of the nut can be due to compressive stress.While Failure of a bolt can be due to tensile stresses.
10.Nuts are made up of carbon steelBolts are made up of high-grade steel with a mixture of nickel.
11.Nuts are coated with zinc to prevent corrosion.Bolts are coated with brass, bronze, Zinc, titanium or stainless steel.
12.Nuts are cheaperBolts are expensive
13.There are different types of nuts available in the market.Bolts are also different types
14.The most common type of nut is basically a hexagonal nut.hexagonal bolt is also the most common and most used type of bolt.
15.A nut can not be used without a boltWhile some go with the bolt. This also can be used without a nut.


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Difference Between Nuts and Bolt



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