Difference between orificemeter and venturimeter

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Before jumping in the title of the article, It would be nice to know about these devices briefly.

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What is an Orifice meter?

Basically, an Orifice meter is referred as a type of flow meter that uses differential pressure measurement techniques and this helps to get discharge rate as well as calculate the flow rate.

In short, Orifice meters is a device to measure the flow rate or discharge rate of any fluid. Oficemeter is used mainly in robust applications and an Orifice meter works based on the differential measurement technique.

Diagram of Orificemeter

 Orifice-meter Now,

What is Venturimeter?

Volumatricmeter is the discharge measuring device and it measures volumetric flow.

Here, You may ask that what is volumetric flow?

So, volumetric flow is the amount of the fluid flowing or volume of fluid flowing through the media per unit of time. In short, the volume of the flowing fluid per unit time.

Diagram of venturimeter


Hence, knowing briefly about these two measuring devices above now let’s move on to the comparison section between these two devices, keeping your purpose of landing here.

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Difference between orificemeter and venturimeter-

Here is the side by side comparison of the orificemeter and venturimeter in the table down below-

Orificemeter Venturimeter
Generally used to measure the liquid flow rate Used to measure flow rate of fluids
Cheap Expensive
Easy to install Fabrication is highly technical
Simple Construction Difficult construction
More head loss Less head loss
High power losses Less power losses
Highly flexible Less flexible
Small in size Large in size
Less costly Higher cost
The coefficient of discharge is low The coefficient of discharge is high
 Less space required Large space needed
Less accuracy High accuracy
Double taping Single taping

These were the major differences between the orifice meter and venturimeter which is given in the table above.

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Before you go, here are some Q&A sections of this topic called ‘Difference between orificemeter and venturimeter’. You should not miss this.


Which is more accurate Venturi or orifice?

Venturi is more accurate than orifice.

Where is Venturimeter used?

Venturimeter is used to measure the flow rate of the fluid.

What is the basic principle of a Venturimeter?

Venturimeter works on the principle of Bernoulli’s equation.

Which is better Venturimeter and Orificemeter?

In terms of overall flexibility, Venturimeter is the best measuring device.

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