Top 10 Difference Between Stud and Bolt

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What is Stud?

A metal cylindrical shaft externally circularly threaded from both sides having double taper without a head, Known as Stud.

These studs are used to join two or more pipe flanges or can be used as per need in any workshop or mechanical workplace or on construction sites.

Here are some of the Pictures of a stud-


What is Bolt?

A metal cylindrical shaft externally circularly threaded from single sides having a single taper with a head, Known as a Bolt.

These bolts are used for two or more components which don’t have threaded holes and are also used to join beams, flanges and plates to each other.


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Difference between Stud and Bolt-

Here are some major differences between these two fastening tools-

01.A stud is a fastener to join two or more components to each other.A bolt is also a fastener to join two or more components to each other.
02.Studs can be tightened from both sideWhile bolts can be tightened from one side
03.Studs have two taper facesWhile bolts have single taper face
04.It comes without headBolt comes with head
05.The stud has an external threaded designWhile bolt also comes with an external threaded design
06.Studs can be fully or centre-threaded.Bolts can be fully or partially threaded.
07.Studs can be larger in size.Bolts can be larger or smaller in size or vary as per the requirement.
08.Studs don’t have any locking mechanismWhile bolt also comes without any kind of locking mechanism
09.Studs can be made up of stainless steel or carbon steel.While bolts can be made up of bronze, zinc and stainless steel.
10.Studs are an expensive fastening tool.While bolts are also an expensive fastening tool


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Difference between Stud and Bolt



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