Top 10 Examples of Double Inclined Plane

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Today, I am going to discuss Double Inclined Plane Example which you may encounter in your daily life without knowing the mechanism behind those tools.

That’s Why This blog post will give an overview of those things which you encounter in your daily life that have double incline planes.

So, Without further delays, Let’s dive into the mainstream…

What is an Inclined and Double Inclined Plane?

A surface that is inclined or tilted from a higher to a lower angle is known as an inclined plane. And, when two inclined planes meet each other further they form a double inclined Plane.

Double Inclined Plane example

Example of Double Inclined Plane-

Here is the list of 10 inclined plane examples and their description below-

  1. Knife
  2. Axe
  3. Kitchen Peeler
  4. Screw Driver
  5. Cuticle Pusher
  6. Pizza Cutter
  7. Kitchen Cleaver
  8. Chisel
  9. Digging Bar
  10. Stone Masonry Hammer

1. Knife-

As you will be definitely familiar with the knife, one of the earliest tools developed by mankind and further became an essential part of our life which is used to cut food, vegetables, meat, and so on and so forth.

As you look closely at the knife, there will be two inclined plane meeting at the one end making it a sharp and furthermore useful utensil in our homes.

Let me tell you, due to the double incline plane, the better sharpness of the knife is achieved.

A cake knife is also an excellent example of this plane.

2. Axe-

Axe is one of the most used tools in the world and can be found in every household to cut wood or other equivalent materials with the help of this awesome tool.

The formation of the sharp edge at the end of the axe is possible due to the addition of two inclined planes or double incline planes which makes it more friendly to operate and perform.

axe cutitng a tree

3. Kitchen Peeler-

One of the most used utensils- A peeler used to peel out any vegetable or fruit in nearly every house in the world, also known as a vegetable Scrubber.

It consists of metal blades having sharp edges at the end using two inclined planes. In Peeler, slots are made to maintain the peeling thickness while sliding the sharp edges on the vegetable or fruit.

potato is peeling off by peeler

4. Screw Driver-

Screw Driver is the most used tool and can be found in every household. As you know, This is used for tight or loose nuts or screws of any appliances or any household things.

Screw Driver has two parts- One is ‘the handle’ and another one is its ‘shaft’. When you look at the end of its shaft, It may look like two inclined planes are meeting at the same point at the end of the tip.

This phenomenon makes this screwdriver a perfect example of a double incline plane.

screw driver

5. Cuticle Pusher-

If you are a female, you will be definitely familiar with Cuticle Pusher, a tool used in manicures. This is another rare and perfect example of this twin incline plane having two incline planes at the end.

Cuticle Pusher

6. Pizza Cutter-

This is a well-known home and pizza store tool that is used to make slices of pizza on the go. This is also another well-known example of the same.

The wheel of the pizza cutter is made up by making a double incline plane at the end which further makes this tool sharper and less-effort tool.

pizza cutter

7. Kitchen Cleaver-

If you loved to cook meat in your kitchen, then a cleaver is a must-have utensil of your kitchen to cut out your meat into several pieces.

This can be another type of axe with a bigger head and small handle. From chick to bit in this cleaver, the sloppy surface can be seen from both sides.

As you know, the titled surface can be said ‘an inclined plane’, and this tool consists of two sloppy surfaces thus this can be said a double incline plane.’


8. Chisel-

Another member of the axe family- Chisel, but without the handle.

if you look closely at the chisel, It will look like an axe with a handle and is smaller in size than the axe. Here also two inclined plane makes it a useful tool on the go.


9. Digging Bar-

It is a long and straight metal bar used to dig soil or diggable materials. The bar has a tapered shape at the end from both sides and it gives the perfect edge shape to dig the soil and equivalent materials.

digging bar

10. Stonemason’s Hammer-

Stonemason’s hammer is thick, slopped from one end, and further looks like a chisel, also known as a Brick hammer. This brick hammer s used to break or burst bricks, stones, and concrete.

This hammer consists of two sides, One side is flat and another one is slopped. The slopped one made up of two incline planes makes it suitable to break the stone and the flat one is to burst the stone.

Stonemason's Hammer


Wrapping Up-

These were some most common and some uncommon Double Inclined Plane examples, we usually see in our daily life.

I hope, this post is helpful in some way to identifying those things around you and the mechanism behind them.

If so, consider sharing with needy ones and bookmark Engineers Rail for more posts like this.


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