10 Examples of Simple Machines in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most common area in our homes, happening lots of stuff around the kitchen space.

You definitely have seen some equipment regarding the kitchen need and you may wonder- What kind of these machines or equipment are?

So, Keeping in mind, I bought this blog session regarding the Examples of Simple Machines in the Kitchen to easily identify the equipment around your kitchen.

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Examples of Simple Machines in the Kitchen-

The most common simple machines used in the kitchen are listed and described below-

  1. Egg slicer
  2. Pizza cutter
  3. Vegetable peeler
  4. Tongs
  5. Eggbeater
  6. Spatula
  7. Knife
  8. Cheese Grater
  9. Handheld Juicer
  10. Spoon

1. Egg Slicer-

This may be one of the common kitchen equipment to help with slicing the egg. As you know, this egg slicer cuts boiled eggs into fine and equal chops.

Egg Slicer is a simple machine that comes under the lever and wedges the simple machine, Where the slicer is a wedge and folded part is a lever with a fulcrum.

egg slicer

2. Pizza Cutter-

If you are a fan of Pizza like mine, you definitely have a pizza cutter in your kitchen. Here, you will be surprised to know that this pizza cutter comes under a simple machine example.

The pizza cutter is a suitable example of a wheel and axle, Where the Cutter works as a wheel and the thin rod between the cutter works as an axle.

pizza cutter

3. Vegetable Peeler-

This kitchen equipment is one of the most necessary simple machines, you can find around your kitchen house- The vegetable Peeler.

This vegetable peeler comes under the wedge simple machine where the peeling area is the wedge.

vegetable peeler

4. Tongs-

Tong is one of the essential and necessary pieces of equipment for our kitchen space which is used to clamp any kind of heated objects such as bread or a piece of meat.

Basically, a tong is an example of a Lever Simple machine.

5. Egg Beater-

An eggbeater is an equipment to simply mix eggs or multiple food items all together. This egg beater can be mechanical or electrical.

This kitchen essential equipment is a perfect example of a wheel and axle simple machine.

egg beater

6. Spatula-

The spatula is a must-have essential piece of equipment for our kitchen where stirring becomes so easy and effortless. Stirring any vegetables or any cooking items from a spatula prevent unwanted burn while cooking.

A wedge can be a good example of a wedge simple machine.

7. Knife-

The knife is also a great example of a wedge simple machine that we generally use in our kitchen on daily basis.

The knife is one of the essentials and a must-have machine for our kitchen as well as for the overall household.

8. Cheese Grater-

Cheese Grater is equipment to sprinkle cheese on your favorite pizza or something you love to have cheese on.

This is the best example of a wedge simple machine, you can see in your kitchen area.

cheese grater with cheese

9. Handheld Juicer-

The handheld juicer is an example of a lever and axle, used to make juice on the go without any electricity.

hand held juicer

10. Spoon-

A spoon is one of the essential pieces of equipment for our kitchen to eat or bring out something from the jar.

A spoon is a great example of a wedge simple machine.


Wrapping Up-

This is it for Examples of Simple Machines in the Kitchen. I hope you enjoy being here and got some valuable information about your kitchen equipment.

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