Top 10 Fixed Pulley Examples in Everyday Life

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Most of us don’t know the tool we use in our day-to-day life, comes under the fixed pulley simple machine, that’s why This blog is going to tell you about Fixed Pulley Examples which is used in our Everyday Life.

So, without wasting too much time of yours, Let’s get straight into the mainstream-

Fixed Pulley Examples

What is a Fixed Pulley?

The arrangement of wheel and axle simple machine known as a pulley, when the pulley remains fixed by every means, Known as fixed pulley.


Fixed Pulley Examples in Everyday Life-

Here are the 10 fixed pulley examples used in our daily life-

  1. Wells
  2. Flagpost
  3. Theatre curtain
  4. Sewing Machine
  5. Hanging Light
  6. The rim of the cycle
  7. Roller Shutter gate
  8. Triceps workout machine
  9. Manual curtains
  10. Manual lifting arrangement

1. Wells- 

Wells pulley arrangement is a most common and well-known example of this fixed pulley where the Pulley is fixed on a metal rod or can be a wooden stick.

One end is tightened with the rope with the bucket and another end is situated at the user’s hand, when the user applies the pull force, the rope moves over the pulley and the bucket starts to move up or down with much less effort.

The application of force is greatly reduced due to the fixed pulley as it doesn’t offer any kind of resistance to the rope.

Wells pulley is the best for single fixed pulley examples.

2. Flagpost-

Hanging flags on top of the post can be a very difficult and time-consuming job to do without using any kind of mechanism application.

Here fixed pulley comes into play, Where Flag can be bound with the rope and further pull up to the top with the help of the pulley mechanism.

It works the same as well pulley arrangement where pulling the rope moves the flag on the top of the post using the single fixed pulley.

A another examples of single fixed pulley.

flag post

3. Theatre Curtain-

As you know, theatre curtains play a major role in any kind of play or drama, Where those big curtains have to shut down while the play is stopped for the time being or while the end of an episode.

Here the fixed pulley arrangement makes the shut and opening process of the curtain so easy and effortless.

The rope going over the pulley pulls all the hooks attached to the pulley towards him and thus results in the opening of the curtain of the theatre.

theathre curtain

4. Sewing Machine-

A sewing machine is one of the well-known and easily foundable tools in most households.

When you look closely at a manual sewing machine, the big wheel and attached axle to it can be easily seen and This wheel-axle arrangement makes a fixed pulley in this essential tool.

When the paddle of the sewing machine hits by the foot, The rotation of the pulley starts and the attached rope over the pulley rim starts to move in a circle and further moves the machine’s main wheel.

sewing Machine

5. Hanging Light-

Hanging lights are used to decorate the in-house premises to look house beautiful inside.

These light’s heights can be adjusted manually with the help of a fixed pulley arrangement system and further height of the light can be increased or decreased by applying a pulling force on the rope.

hanging light

6. The Rim of the Cycle-

It can be surprising for you to know that rim of the cycle is also a good example of the fixed pulley.

When you look closely at the cycle’s rim, the upper ring will look like where smaller one where all spokes of the rim, look like an axle.

It is a fixed pulley covered by the tire and driven by the user peddle. This arrangement gives more distance traveled in a smaller amount of effort.

rim of the cycle

7. Roller Shutter Gate-

The roller shutter gate also known as the rolling shutter door is one of the finest examples of fixed pulley, you will never hear about that.

The long metal bar hanging above the door consists of two fixed wheels or fixed pulleys which further wrap up the shutter by applying a little amount of pull force at the bottom handle of the roller shutter gate.


8. Tricep Workout Machine-

This tricep workout machine has multiple pulley systems which help the user to perform their exercises with ease and further without getting hurt.

The Pulley arrangement makes the user pull the load attached to the rope without any resistance and further it helps to prevent adding more load on the user due to resistance.

tricep workout machine

9. Manual Home curtains-

Home curtains also have fixed pulley arrangements which are operated manually. This pulley arrangement gives users the flexibility to open and close the curtains from a single place and further with ease.

This manual home curtain works the same as theatre curtains but at a smaller level.

window Blinds

10. Manual Lifting Arrangement-

These are types of lifting machines that can be installed as per need. when any heavy load or simple load has to drag into the height from the ground, this fixed pulley system is the best way to increase work done with less effort application.

The pulley arrangement reduces the effort which we needed before the installation of this manual lifting arrangement.

Manual Lifting Arrangement


Wrapping up-

This is all I have for now in Fixed Pulley Examples. I hope this article has helped you in some way and further added some value to you.

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