Importance of chimney in thermal power plant

As you are familiar with Chimney in construction plants, Power Plants, Steel plants. The actual constructional shape of the chimney is cylindrical, long in height.

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Importance of chimney in thermal power plant-

A chimney is a typical cylindrical and vertical shaped structure that provides ventilation of hot flue gases or smoke from a boiler released into the atmosphere from the exit end of the chimney. This is the main function of the chimney in a thermal power plant.

Basically, it collects the hot flue gases from the boiler and releases them into the environment.

As you know, the installation of tall chimneys for the exit of gases in thermal power plants helps in the reduction of particulate matter in the atmosphere and the reduction of harmful gases in the air we breathe.

Importance of chimney in thermal power plant

Materials used-

Materials used for Chimney construction are steel and concrete. Steel chimney is used in small boilers and concrete chimney is used in both small and large boilers.

Height of chimney-

The height of chimneys in thermal power plants in India normally varies from 90 meters to 300 meters.

And, the minimum height of a chimney in a thermal power plant can be as minimum as 10 feet.


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