15 Inclined Plane Examples Can be Seen In Every Day Life

An inclined plane is a surface that is not parallel to the ground.  An inclined plane is a tool that was invented in order to make objects move up or down.

An inclined plane is a flat surface that is slanted so that it is higher in one direction than the other.

The inclined plane allows for the construction of ramps and stairs. They are used in architecture and engineering, but these inclined plane examples can also be found in everyday life, such as on an escalator or a staircase.

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Inclined Plane Examples

Inclined Plane Examples-

When we start our day-to-day life, We usually see Inclined planes but we usually don’t know the working mechanism behind them. Here, I am going to tell you the working mechanism behind inclined plane examples with pictures.

And they are…

  1. Railway Ramps
  2. Garbage Dumper
  3. Stairs
  4. Park Sliders
  5. Ambulance Ramp
  6. House Ramp
  7. Stunt Ramps
  8. Roof Tops
  9. Escalator
  10. Wash Basins
  11. Stretcher Ramps
  12. Hill Roads
  13. Chisels
  14. Roller Coasters
  15. Ski Slopes

1. Railway Ramps-

Have you ever seen those slopping ramps on any railway stations?

These slopping ramps are used to freight any heavy goods or bring any handicapped person. These ramps are inclined from top to down which further helps to make tasks easy and convenient.

As it reduces the applied force with the help of Wheels and Axle supported vehicles.

2. Garbage Dumper-

Garbage Dumpers are a type of large vehicle that is designed to collect and transport trash. Garbage Dumpers are usually propelled by diesel engines, but some are powered by natural gas or other alternative fuels.

These Dumpers can be specially designed for certain types of refuse, such as construction debris or hazardous waste.

Garbage Dumper is not an exact piece of an Inclined Plane Example but when it is lifted up or tilted to dump garbage, It gets converted into an Inclined Plane.

When Initial force is applied from the bottom of the dumper, the base of the dumper gets tilted to its angle and further without any effort garbage is dumped into the dumping place.

garbage dumper

3. Staircase-

Have you noticed your stairs going from down to up to lift you up to your upper floor?

These stairs are made up of the base of an inclined plane. When your stair started to construct, the Base of an inclined plane would have been made up first to support your step-making process further.

Otherwise, If you casually notice your stairs, It seems inclined at their angle from top to ground.


4. Park Sliding-

You would have definitely gone to children’s Parks or to Water Parks with your children or with your loved ones.


Did you notice those slides where your children get slides or you slide into the water with your loved ones?

Doesn’t Those inclination angles make those sliding a perfect example of an Inclined plane?

It is. Sliding is a perfect example of an Incline plane. When you put your body load on those sliders, the gravitational force pulls you down with the help of an inclined plane.


5. Ambulance Ramp-

The ambulance ramp is an instrument that is used to help a patient to get into the Ambulance with his stretcher in case of an emergency or shifting a patient from one location to another.

These ambulance ramps reduce the effort which needs to get the patient into the ambulance with the help of wheel and axle-mounted instruments such as Stretchers.

Wheel and Axle reduce the applied force while the inclined plane provides a suitable inclined surface to circulate the wheel of the stretcher.

Ambulance ramp

6. House Ramp-

House ramps are one of those common incline plane examples which we can see every day in our house or in our neighbour’s house.

As you know, These ramps are used to get our small vehicles in such as bikes or cycles. It is also used as a wheelchair ramp where an old-aged granny or mother-father can go in and out with the help of a wheelchair without too much effort.

These residential ramps are also used to park our four wheels in our front yard or back yard of the house.

As it provides a smooth surface to rotate wheels on it and inclination removes the gap between two heights.

home ramps

7. Stunt Ramps-

Stunt ramps are one of those incline plane examples which give bikers or stuntmen initial elevation for performing stunts.

As you know, stunt ramps are initially inclined from ground to top which gives an initial boost in height of stuntmen vehicles due to the inclination angle of the stunt ramp.

stunt ramp

8. Roof Tops-

You would have been living on the inclined roof top or you would have definitely seen those roofs titled from the top giving a perfect inclination angle as well as a beautiful look.

These inclined roofs provide an excellent way to drain the water or snow or give more flexibility in ventilation.

The common roof examples with inclination angles are Gable Roof, Clipped Gable Roofs, Dutch Gable Roofs, Gambrel Roofs, Hip Roofs, Shed Roof, Shed Roof, Gable Roof with Sheds, and Front Gables.

gable roof tops

9. Escalators-

Escalators are one of the common examples of inclination planes where the steps of the escalator are arranged at an inclined angle in ascending order.

As you look closely at any escalator, It looks like an inclined plane working majorly on the pulley, Axle and wheel.


10. Wash Basins-

You might say, How can the Wash basin be an example of an inclined Plane?


Here is the catch, if you look closely at the wash basin’s upper surface, It feels sloppy and curved from top to bottom providing an excellent surface to slip water easily.

An inclined surface helps water to slip into the drainage pipe easily without self-wiping.

wash basin

11. Stretcher Ramps-

Did you pay attention to those stretcher ramps mostly seen in hospitals where critical patients are carried to the emergency ward via a stretcher with the help of an inclined ramp?

These inclined ramps help to move those stretchers smoothly without giving any kind of a shock to the patient.

a patient with stretcher on stretcher ramp

12. Hill or Mountains Roads-

If you are a traveling enthusiast like me, then you would have surely gone to high-altitude destinations to see the beauty of nature.


Have you paid attention to those inclined roads raising their height from low to high and getting you or your vehicle to the top?

These roads are specially designed to provide a smoother surface or slope for you or your vehicle to reach the top of the hill safely.

hill roads

13. Chisеls-

Chisеls arе likе handy hеlpеrs in woodworking. Picturе a chisеl likе a tiny inclinеd planе in action. Thе sharp, slantеd еdgе makеs it еasiеr to cut through wood smoothly.

So, whеn a carpеntеr wants to shapе or carvе wood, thеy usе a chisеl to glidе through, making thе job much simplеr.

14. Rollеr Coastеrs-

Think of rollеr coastеrs as thrill-sееkеrs’ playgrounds with giant inclinеd planеs. Thе coastеr starts by climbing a big hill, just likе you’d climb stairs.

That’s thе inclinеd planе at work, gеtting you up high. Thеn, thе rеal fun bеgins as gravity takеs ovеr, and you zoom down, twisting and turning on morе inclinеd tracks.

Rollеr coastеrs arе likе a mix of climbing and sliding advеnturеs!

15. Ski Slopеs-

Imaginе standing at thе top of a snowy hill, rеady to ski down. Ski slopеs arе giant inclinеd planеs in naturе’s playground.

Thе slopе isn’t too stееp, so it’s not too hard to ski down, but it gives you that pеrfеct snowy slidе.

Skiеrs usе this inclinеd planе to gracеfully glidе down thе mountain, еnjoying thе chilly ridе and thе bеautiful snowy scеnеry.



Wrapping Up-

These were some inclined plane examples which we see in our day-to-day life. I hope you got the information you needed.

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