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Before going into the mainstream, Here are some basics of this simple machine you should know to proceed further-

Lever Simple Machine Examples

A lever is a simple machine that can be used to lift heavy objects. The fulcrum is the point where the weight of the object rests, and the force applied on one side of the fulcrum is equal to the force applied on the other side.

Simple machines can be leveraged to make work easier.

Types of Lever-

There are Three types of Lever and they are-

  • First Class Lever
  • Second Class Lever
  • Third Class Lever

Here, I am not going deep into these types, If you really want to know about these types, You must check out this Article before proceeding further-

Now, Let’s Get into the mainstream-

Examples of Levers-

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read every piece of the letter, then Here are those 11 lever examples used in real life

  1. WheelBarrow
  2. Nut Cracker
  3. Bottle Opener
  4. Scissor
  5. Pliers
  6. Shovel
  7. Hockey Stick
  8. Human Body
  9. Broom
  10. Handheld Juicer
  11. Balance Scale

Let’s dive into the details of these lever examples with pictures

1. WheelBarrow-

The wheelbarrow is a device that is used to move heavy objects. It has a container, usually made of metal or plastic, with two handles and a wheel in the middle. The user pushes the handles up and down to move the wheelbarrow along.

A wheelbarrow can be used for moving dirt, gravel, sand, cement, or other material. It can also be used for loading and unloading materials from a truck or trailer.

If you look mechanism behind the wheelbarrow, When force is applied from the wheel of wheelbarrow, Force gets transferred to the wheel with help of the lever.

Where the wheel of the wheelbarrow is served as a fulcrum, the container as a load and the handle as a lever.

A wheelbarrow is an example of second-class lever, another examples of lever.

wheel barrow

2. Nut Cracker-

A nutcracker is an examples of levers in everyday life, used to crack the shells of nuts, such as hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds.

The nutcracker has a lever that is pushed down which in turn pushes a metal bar across the nut. The metal bar will then push the two halves of the shell apart.

The nutcracker can also be used to break other types of food items like dried beans or corn kernels.

As you apply force from the handle of the nutcracker, Force gets transferred to the lever via the fulcrum to the load area and your nut gets cracked.

nut cracker lever example

3. Bottle Opener-

A another examples of lever simple machines,  bottle opener is a device that opens the lid of a bottle, can, or jar. Bottle openers may be operated by hand or they may be part of a machine such as an electric can opener.

As you apply force from the handle of the bottle opener, The applied force is transmitted to the end of the opener where the Middle part is served as a fulcrum.

4. Scissor-

The scissor is a very useful lever examples at home that is used in many different ways. It can be used to cut objects, such as paper, cloth, or hair. It can also be used as a weapon in self-defence.

As you know, Scissors are often used by children for arts and crafts projects.

The mechanism behind the working of scissors is that, When force is applied at the handle of the scissor, force transmits from the handle to the lever via the hinged fulcrum to the two wedges of the scissor(ie, Load) and further material gets cut.


5. Pliers-

Pliers are tools used to grip and twist metal, plastic, or other objects. They are typically used in a DIY environment and can be found in many toolboxes.

The pliers come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular ones have a curved shape with parallel jaws that often have serrated edges to cut through wire or other material.

As you look closely at the plier, it seems like Scissors and the working mechanism behind the pliers is the same as the scissors which I told you about above.

plier lever example

6. Shovel-

Examples of lever machine, shovels are simple tool that is needed in many different situations. Whether you need to dig a hole, move dirt, or break up ice and snow, this tool will come in handy.

These shovels are also used for other things like gardening and making sandcastles.

The first shovels were made out of wood and stone. They were originally created to help people with their manual labour jobs.

If you talk about the mechanism of this simple machine, here top end of the shovel acts as a fulcrum when it is grabbed by hand meanwhile second human hand applies force to the lever and the end is of course a load area.


7. Hockey Stick-

Lever examples in sports, Hockey sticks are the most popular sports equipment in the world. They are made of wood and have a curved blade at the end to help players score goals.

Hockey sticks can be used in different ways for different purposes.

For example, some players use them to pass the ball to teammates; others use them to shoot at opponents’ goalposts; some players even use them as a defensive measure against an oncoming opponent.

The popularity of hockey sticks can be attributed to their versatility and effectiveness in all sorts of situations on the field.

As you look closely at this hockey stick, It seems the same as a shovel as I discussed above.

hockey stick

8. Human Body-

The human body is a complex system that can be described in terms of its structural, mechanical, and biochemical components.

When you talk about lever examples in human body, They are bones, muscles including legs, hands, neck and even the waist etc, of the human body.

human body lever example

9. Broom

A broom is an essential tool for any household for cleaning purposes to sweep or remove dirt from the floors of your house.

But, Here I want to inform you that Broom is an exclusive lever example in everyday life to clean up your house.

As you see your broom, it will seem like a hockey stick while operating with the same mechanism as a hockey stick.

The top end acts as a fulcrum while effort is applied from the second human hand just beside the top end and obviously, the bottom end is the point of the load section.

broom lever example

10. Handheld Juicer

If you are a health freak and like to put healthy things in your body like fruits and vegetable juices into your body just like me, Then you definitely owned a handheld juicer.

But, you may not know that this hand juicer comes under a Lever Simple Machine Example. This hand juicer is a perfect example of the same.

This hand juicer is divided into three parts-

The first one is top end handle which comes under the effort area where force is applied,

The second one is the bottom end known as a fulcrum where the force is balanced.

And the third one is itself load area where your favourite fruit is getting squeezed when you press the handle of the hand juicer.

hand held juicer

11. Balance Scale

This is the era of digital scale where things are being weighted by digital scales in any general stores.

Although, you might have seen those ancient scales which being weighted by measured physical weight mass putting on one side of the container and one side with the load.

Here the centre of the balance scale acts as a fulcrum and the physical mass area is effort and the other side is the load area.

Another beautiful example of lever in daily life.

balance scale lever example



Wrapping Up-

This is it for Lever Simple Machine Examples now. I hope you got my point regarding the same. If you have any questions regarding the same, feel free to ask.

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