10 Most Common Recyclable Materials and Their Uses

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This blog post is specially dedicated to Recyclable Materials and Their Uses. I hope it will give you some information about the most common recyclable materials and how they are used in our day-to-day life.

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Recyclable Materials and Their Uses-

These are the 10 examples of recyclable materials listed and described below-

  1. Newspapers
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Keyboards
  4. Batteries
  5. Plastic product
  6. Cables and Wire
  7. Trash bag
  8. Glasses
  9. Electronics Gadgets
  10. Clothes and Bra

1. Newspapers-

Most of you are familiar with newspapers, This is the best option for reading news even after electronic media and mobile phones.

Newspapers are a reliable source for getting news around the globe in front of you from decades.

Newspapers are the most common and everyday used products that can be recycled easily. These newspapers are mixed with chemicals and water to break them down and for further recycling.


2. Mobile phones-

Mobile phones are the most common gadgets now these days to call, connect and access the internet. The number of Mobile phones operating around the globe are 15 Billion in 2021, According to Statista.

Mobile Phones are the most common electronic gadgets which can be recycled. Most of the components of mobile phones can be recycled and reused for making new cell phones including batteries and all.

mobile phones

3. Keyboards-

As you will be familiar with your computer or tablet keyboards used to type and navigate through your computer files and others.

Most keyboards are made up of plastic and you know plastics can be easily recycled If you dump your unused or defective keyboards at the effective place.


4. Batteries-

Batteries are one of the most significant discoveries for humankind where people can store energy for further use at the time of no electricity.

The most common use of batteries is in Mobiles phones, Inverters, Laptops, tablets, Watches, Cars, Bikes, and much more.

The process of recycling the battery includes disassembling, crushing, screening, magnetic separation, and heat treatment.


5. Plastic Products-

Plastic products are spreading like viruses in our globe from kitchens to Everest, No place around the globe is untouched by plastic products.

These plastic products are used to pack food, milk, grocery items so on and so forth. This massive amount of plastics creates environmental hazards and promotes soil pollution.

As you know, plastics are not Bio-gradable, thus recycling plastics as much as possible is the best solution for this much of massive plastics.

bottle caps

6. Cables and Wire-

Cable and wire can be seen from your house to your street in a bunch of amounts and this creates havoc and environmental hazards after use.

This used cable and wire can be recycled and reused by dismantling plastic and metal inside the plastic cover separately.


7. Trash Bags-

Trash bags are one of the most common things that throw out on the street and on the road. New york city in the United States is the most known city for these trash bags.

These trash bags are used to collect trash from inside our house or outside of the house. These trash bags are commonly recyclable things and can be easily recycled.

trash bag

8. Glasses-

Glasses can be found in every household and outside and used for dining tables, drinking, and decoration. These glasses can be recycled easily by melting those broken or useless glasses in high temperatures.


9. Electronics Gadgets-

This is the era of electronic gadgets from Earphones to robots, all are packed with Electronics items as you know their uses, so i am going to discuss.

Most of these electronic gadgets are easily recycled. Electronic gadgets are too much around the globe, If not recycled, it has the potential to take over plastics.

electronic gadgets

10. Clothes and Bras-

Everyone needs clothes including women. Men’s and Women’s inner wears are the most common clothes including bras.

These unused clothes and bras can be donated to needy ones or can be easily recycled.



Wrapping Up-

This is it for Recyclable Materials and Their Uses. I hope you got your point and gained some knowledge from this sweet and short blog post.

I hope to see you in the next blog post, Till then keep smiling.

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