Screw jack Applications

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As you know, Screw jacks are used to lift the weight by rotational or push-pull methods. Now, dwell straight into the topic.

Application of screw jack-

Here are some major applications of the screw jack-

Aerospace Industries

These jacks are used in aerospace industries to push and pull the aircraft for 1further maintenance. The name, that is used in aerospace industries is known as Joyce jack.

Automotive Industries-

To lift the vehicle, jacks are used. There is various type of jacks that are used in automotive industries like steel body jack, casting body jack, telescopic jack, classic jack.


The various jacks such as lead screw, ball screw, roller screw are used in various transmission products.

Factory Automation-

Jacks are useful in automated the factories in nowadays. This causes a huge reduction in human effort and thus increase overall efficiency.

Food Industries

Jacks are used in food industries nowadays to move raw and packed food to the desired destination.


As you know, jacks are used to manage the services of vehicles and in manufacturing plants and also in the maintenance of vehicles.

Military & defence Applications- 

jacks are used in a wide range of variety in military & defence applications for positioning and lifting using hydraulic screw jack.


In machining works, jackscrews are used to position and move the steel items or cast iron materials in CNC machines, drilling machines, planners, shapers etc.

Tire manufacturing-

Jacks screws are used in manufacturing tires using tire building machines where stressing jacks are used.

Paper industries- 

Worm gear jacks are used in paper, press and printing industries, packaging machinery.


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