Uses of Screw Jack: All you need to Know

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Let’s start with some basics first…

What is a screw jack?

As I discussed earlier, a Screw jack is usually used to lift the heavyweight using the push-pull method and the main principle behind the screw jack is the inclined plane.

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Uses of Screw Jack-

Screw jacks are modern equipment used in various industries which can be easily seen around you here and there to lift the heavy loads using marginal efforts.

Here are some common jackscrew uses, given below-

1. Assembling- This is used to assemble the vehicle parts while lifting the base of the vehicle up using a screw jack mechanism. This mechanism is also used in fixing errors in a vehicle like cars, trucks, bus etc.

2. Adjusting- This mechanism is also used in adjusting and moving heavyweights such as scaffolding pipes in various industries like civil and mechanical.

3. Holding- This mechanism is used in hold the heavy loads to replace the components inside.

4. Lifting- Lifting loads in the main specification of this mechanism in general such as heavy machinery, heavy-duty vehicles, car, trucks etc. A screw jack is a common mechanism to lift loads around the globe.

5. Stabilization- This mechanism is also used to stabilize the misaligned structures or components in most of the civil, mechanical and aircraft industries.

6. Pushing-Pulling- Pushing and pulling the horizontal stabilizers of the aircraft also comes under the use of a jackscrew.

7. Stage setup- This mechanism is also used in setting up the stage in various stage-related programmes such as music gatherings, political events etc.

8. Opening and closing- The same mechanism is used in opening and closing some types of gates such as shutters in the shops or in heavy-weight gates.

9. Weight Measuring- The mechanism of the screw jack is used in weigh scale to lift the heavy vehicles and calculate the overall loads in civil plants and mechanical industries.

screw jack diagram

These were some basic of screw jack is used for, given above.

Now, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of a screw jack.


  1. Can be used to lift a heavy load against gravity
  2. Loads can be kept in the lifted position
  3. Due to leverage obtained by the handle, the force required to raise loads is very less & can be applied manually also


  1. Chances of dropping of load
  2. Tipping or slipping of the load
  3. This failure is not SAFE FAIL & can cause serious accidents
  4. Proper size, strength and stability are the essential requirements for the design of the screw jack from the safety considerations

Wrapping Up-

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