12 Screw Simple Machine Examples Used in Day-to-Day Life

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Screw Simple Machine Examples

Screw Simple Machine Examples-

Here are 12 most used screw machines examples used in day-to-day life-

  1. Bolts
  2. Screws
  3. Bottle Caps
  4. Guitar tuners
  5. Light Bulb
  6. Faucets Taps
  7. Wine Cork Opener
  8. Jar Lid
  9. Ball Point Pens
  10. Circular Stairways
  11. Car Jack
  12. Screw Pump

1. Bolts

Bolts are the simplest machines which are used to join, hold or position pieces or multiple pieces of material together with the help of a fastener called the nut, known as Bolts.

Have you seen those sheets of metal joining together with the help of a nut and bolt making it possible to hang or place those metal sheets where it needs to be.

And how can I forget those giant overbridges that are hanging above mainly due to simple machine nut and bolt?

Bolts have circular spiral threadings which allow penetrating the same inner threaded pitch following the spiral outer threading pitch of the bolt.

nut and bolt

2. Screws-

Have you noticed your wood material is fixed into your wall through the small pointed piece of the fastener, holding your piece of the frame or painting on your house wall?

This simple yet effective machine is known to be a screw, another awesome home example of a simple machine.

The screw seems like a bolt but the difference is its length, diameter and sharp pointing from the end. The circular spiral threading is just the same as the bolt.


3. Bottle Caps

Bottle caps, are you kidding me?

No, I am not kididing you.

As you know screws are those which can be tightened. Now, pick a bottle and open its cap.

Did you feel the rotation of your hand?

Closing and opening the cap of any bottle is a perfect example of a screw simple machine. Now, you can say everything around our eyes is a kind of machine if we can see the mechanism behind it.

Those complex, heavy and giant machines do not only come under the so-called “Machine”, but these tiny bottle caps are also a form of machines

bottle caps

4. Guitar Tuners-

Have you seen those guitars closely having some knobs upside?

Those knobs are called Guitar tuners and they are used to tune the guitar as per guitar player requirements or likes.

As those knobs or taps can be tightened or loosened up,  This function of these guitar tuners knobs makes a perfect example of a screw.

These knobs also have spiral threads which allow players to lose or tighten those knobs according to his/her need.

guitar tuner

5. Light Bulb

Have you fixed a bulb in its holder or socket inside your house?

If yes, Then you have noticed that you have to rotate your hand to perfectly fix those light bulbs to further light your home.

This twist and turn with the help of the thread presented on the light bulb make this an effective home example of a screw.

light bulb

6. Faucets Taps-

The basis of screw machines is to twist and turn and here is another example- faucet tap.

To control the flow of water coming from the tap, we need to rotate the tap in a clock or anti-clockwise direction which further increases or reduces the flow of water coming from the tap.

The threading inside the tap allows us to control the water as per our requirement or further close the water supply if you don’t need it.


7. Wine Cork Screw

Are you fond of red wine, holding a wine glass in your hand and enjoying it with your friends and family?

If yes, then you will be definitely opened a cork with a wine corkscrew.

Have you noticed a twist and turn or rotation of your hand while opening the wooden wine cork with the help of a wine corkscrew?

This twisting and rotation make the wine corkscrew another common yet effective piece of an example of a screw in your home.

wine cork screw

8. Jar Lid

The jar lid is another simple yet clear demonstration of a screw simple machine where both jar and lid are spirally threaded, one is from the inside and another from the outside.

To open or close the lid of the jar, you just need to twirl the cap clock or anti-clockwise direction as per your need, this kind of rotation makes the jar lid a perfect demonstration for screw simple machine working.

a lady opening a jar lid

9. Ball Point Pens-

You have definitely used a ball pen to write something or make notes or grocery lists on paper.

But, Have you noticed those pen caps upward or in center of the pen,  given to refill the ink if gets empty?

If yes, then this ball pen is another awesome exhibition of a screw simple machine. The pen cap has spiral circular threading to tighten or open the cap if needed.

ball pen

10. Spiral Stairways-

A stair which has a spiral shape from bottom to top attached with a long column is known as a spiral staircase or circular staircase.

The purpose of these spiral stairs is to fit into the limited amount of space.

But, You may ask how these spiral stairs are examples of screws?

So, here is the answer-

As you noticed those stairs make similar spiral thread shapes as you have seen in the above examples.

These circular stairs are also a perfect example of an Incline Plane as you can notice the inclination angle from top to bottom.

spiral staircase

11. Car Jack-

If you are the owner of a car, then you definitely used a car jack to change the faulty tire or fix something inside of the car.

If so, then you surely rotated that threaded rod to lowering or lifting the car from the ground, clock or anti-clockwise as per your need.

Didn’t you notice the same thing happening with your car screw jack as happening in those above examples?

The threaded rod moves inside and lifts the car and again those threaded rods come toward you further lowering the height of the car from the ground.

This is all making the car jack suitable and used in day-to-day life example of screw.

car jack

12. Screw Pump-

The screw Pump has two rotating screw rotors rotating towards each other helping to move the water or fluid along the axis of the screw.

When water or fluids enters from the inlet valve, the two rotating screws inlocks each other to pressurize the water and further water or fluid flow from the outlet valve of the Screw pump.

This screw pump is also known as a Water screw Pump.

screw pump


Wrapping Up-

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