Simple Screw Jack and Their Application

A simple screw jack is a type of jack that rotates the lead screw. It is used for moderate to heavy liftings, such as vehicles; Raising and lowering the horizontal stabilizers of the aircraft; and is used as adjustable support for heavy loads, such as house foundations.

It helps lift heavy vehicles and cars. It consists of a long screw rod that passes through a threaded B block and a handle. The current distance between two consecutive threads is known as the patch of the screw.

When its handle is turned clockwise, the screw exits the base and lifts the weight on the load table. To withstand large loads, it is made with Acme threads on the screw.

How simple Screw Jack Works?

This machine is very common all over the world; screw jacks are available wherever there is a need to carry loads, position, align and hold. Due to their high reliability and synchronization, screw jacks are suitable for a wide range of applications that cannot be achieved by alternative actuation methods.

This spectrum of applications has reached all segments of the market and this machine includes steelworks equipment, water processing, pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory equipment, packaging equipment; nuclear and aerospace and general mechanical handling.

Furthermore, screw jacks are increasingly being used as an alternative to traditional pneumatic and hydraulic systems. A screw jack (also called jack screw, worm screw jack, machine screw jack, or lead screw jack) is a method used to convert rotational motion into linear motion.

It uses a screw thread feature that provides a mechanical advantage, meaning it can be used to increase strength. The worm wheel in it works directly on the lead screw (lifting screw). With the help of which it helps to carry every load easily.

Types of Screw Jack

  • Translating Screw Jack
  • Translating Keyed Screw Jack
  • Rotating Screw Jack
  • Translating Screw Jack System
  • Rotating Screw Jack System

Advantages of simple Screw Jack

Increasing safety demands, in case of power loss, can lock the screw jack itself. Demand for better machinery with better energy efficiency. Demand for machinery that operates at higher levels of precision.

This variable increases the range of action in terms of positioning. It has accurate and smooth transmission of power. And the biggest benefit from this is cleaner machinery.

This is machinery that requires less maintenance. This is the machinery that requires less manual intervention to set up the process. It is the best in terms of demand for machinery with better energy efficiency. It demands machinery that drives higher levels of precision.


If this machine loses its oil seals, it will fail. Its speed is also relatively slow. It can get very hot very fast.


Simple Screw jacks are machines that are ideal products for pushing, pulling, lifting, lowering, and positioning loads of objects. They are essential components in automated machinery due to their high reliability and compatibility. They work in most high load applications.

Furthermore, the screw jack is increasingly being used as an alternative to traditional pneumatic and hydraulic systems, as it has better energy efficiency and higher levels of accuracy. These screw jacks and lifting systems offer a wide range of lifting and positioning solutions for diverse industries.

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