11 Wheel and Axle Examples Used in Our Day to Day Life

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Let’s start with the basics first…

Wheel And Axle Examples

What is Wheel and Axle?

When an external force is applied, a wheel’s round shape travels in a circular motion, While an axle is a particular kind of shaft that helps in the rotation of a wheel or pair of wheels, Known as a Wheel and axle, a type of Simple Machine.

Having a circular wheel and long rod, wheel and axle come under the type of simple machine which adds value to our day-to-day life and makes it easier in general.

wheel and axle simple machine examples

Types of Wheel and Axle Machines-

There are basically two types of wheel and axle machines based on the application of the force and they are-

  • Force application on Axle Machines
  • Force application on Wheel Machines

01. Force application on Axle Machines-

As the name indicates, A machine which exerts a force on an axle and further rotates the attached wheel is known to be a Force application on Axle Machine.

This is happening due to changing the direction of force and transferring the rotational motion from the axle to the wheel, which is a natural phenomena of any simple machine.

Examples of Force applications on Axle Machines are-

  • Cycle
  • Tires
  • Ferris wheels
  • Fans etc.

Force application on Axle Machines

02. Force application on Wheel Machines-

As the name suggests, A machine which exerts a force directly on a wheel causes to apply force on the attached axle is known to be a Force application on Wheels Machine.

As you know, the Application of force on the wheel Changes the direction of the force.

Examples of Force application on Wheels Machines are-

  • Pizza cutter
  • Skate Board
  • Drilling Machine

Working of Wheel and Axle Machines-

There are two simple machines which help to move the vehicle with less force application and friction, known as very ancient inventions- the wheel and Axle.

Many devices uses wheel and axle to transmit force and therefore make work easier.

But you may ask- How Does a Wheel and Axle Work?

So, Here is your Answer-

Assume a wheel as a rotating lever and a fulcrum as a centre (which can be called an Axle).

As you apply force on the axle, the wheel rotates with much more speed due to the significant diameter gap between the wheel and axle.

Now, If you apply force on the wheel, it rotates the axle as well but with less speed due to the small diameter compared to the wheel. As Axle have to rotate too much to cover even a tiny distance.

That’s why lots of machines are used to implement these simple machines to increase force and speed as per their need.


Now, Let’s move to another mainstream of this famous topic, Which is…

Examples of Wheel and Axle Machines-

You might have seen lots of simple machines around you, but may not know these machines comes under the name of Wheel and Axle machine.

Don’t Worry…

You are at Engineers Rail. Following this guide will let you know about those simple machines around you.

Here are the most used 11 Examples of Wheel and Axle

  1. Bicycle
  2. Pizza Cutter
  3. Screw Driver
  4. Wagon wheel
  5. Car wheel
  6. Ferris Wheel
  7. Wheel of Chairs
  8. Windmill
  9. DoorKnob
  10. Door Hinges
  11. Electric Fan

1. Bicycle-

You will definitely have tried a bicycle for your groceries without knowing that this bicycle comes under the perfect example of wheel and axle.

Here is the mechanism behind the bicycle-

As you know, To run or move or rotate anything we need force. Here the application of force is applied on the axle of the cycle through pedalling.

Pedalling exerts a force on the axle through a rotating chain attached to both ends of tooth wheels and therefore wheels rotate and you move.


2. Pizza Cutter-

You might be a lover of pizza with extra and loaded cheese just like me. My mouse is being watered while writing this sentence.

Being on the Topic…

As a Pizza lover, you might cut your pizza into four or multiple pieces with the help of a pizza cutter. While cutting your delicious pizza, I may want to inform you that this Pizza cutting device is a perfect example of a Wheel and axle.

As you can clearly see the wheel is connected with an axle while Providing the Handle in the centre as a Second Axle in the Pizza cutting device.

While cutting your delicious pizza, the Application of force transfers to the wheel attached to the axle directly from the handle.

Due to the transfer of force from the handle to the wheel, the Pizza cutter Rim starts to roll and rotate.

This is how a Pizza cutter works.

pizza cutter

3. Screw Driver-

You definitely used a Screw Driver, a very common and most used simple machine around our houses or in day-to-day life which is used to tighten any kind of screw or fix any electronic devices.

But you may wonder how screwdriver comes under the name of Wheel and Axle because I can not see any wheel and axle in this device.

So, Here is your Answer…

The handle of the screwdriver acts as a Wheel and the Shaft acts as an Axle. As you apply force on the handle, the Handle rotates as a wheel and transfers the force into the shaft(axle) to get work done.

Screw Driver

4. Wagon Wheel-

Have you seen those ancient vehicles having ancient wagon wheels on both sides of the vehicle?

The main mechanism behind the wagon wheel is the application of force exerted on the axle by the external source or by any engine.

Due to the high diameter wheel, a small amount of force exertion on the axle moves the wagon wheel generally at high speed.

Here wagon wheel acts as a wheel and the rest of the body as a fulcrum(Axle).

Wagon Wheel

5. Car Wheel-

As you know, the Wheel is an essential part of any car along with an axle which holds most of the car weight including car interior parts.

The car wheel is attached to the axle with car wheel parts, When force is applied to the axle through the Engine, the attached car wheel starts to rotate and the car moves forward.

car wheel

6. Ferris Wheel-

You might have seen those giant wheel towers circulating on their axis and people enjoying seating on that giant wheel in any amusement park, Known as Ferris Wheel.

You might be shocked to know that this giant wheel comes under the Examples of Wheel and Axle.

Here is the mechanism behind this Ferris Wheel-

A greater amount of force exerts on the axle through the electric motors. This higher amount of force causes to rotate the giant wheel by transferring the force from axle to wheel.

This causes those giant Ferris wheels to rotate and gives an enjoyable ride along with your friends and family.

Ferris Wheel

7. Wheels of Chair-

You might have seen lots of chairs with attached wheel down which moves with less force application.

This moving chairs with wheels are the greater example of wheel and axle.

Here is How…

The wheels of those chairs are attached to the axle below the seating arrangement of these chairs.

The Force is applied on the rim of the wheel Which obviously transfer the force from the wheel to the axle and thus load moves with the chair.

This force can be applied from the axle side as well as you might have seen a person pushing the chair to move the load forward.

lady on wheel chair

8. Wind Mill-

The wind is a perfect substitute for fossil fuels just like solar energy. When it comes to generating electricity from wind, Windmills are the solution for generating electricity from Wind Energy.

Here the blades of the windmills act as Wheel and attaching shaft with blades act as Axle. When Wind strikes the blades of the windmill, it gets transferred to the shaft and further transferred to the turbine.

9. Door Knob-

Do you know?

Daily opening your door with help of a Doorknob comes under the name of wheel and axle example just like a screwdriver.

Here is the mechanism behind the Doorknob-

The doorknob is a replica of the ScrewDriver. It works just as ScrewDriver.

Here is How-

When you place your hand on the DoorKnob handle, The same door knob handle works as a Wheel due to the applied force in the rotational direction.

And attached shaft behind the door knob handle works as an axle and further transferring of forces unlocked the door of your sweet home.

door knob

10. Door Hinges

Have you ever noticed the hidden Hinge of your door helping you to rotate your door as per your requirement?

That hidden useful device is known to be a Door hinge.

Here is the main principle behind this awesome Device-

The wing or leaf of the door hinge is attached to the door, acts as a Wheel and the pin inserted between both leaves, Acts as Axle.

door hinge

11. Electric Fan-

Have you noticed an Electric fan hanging in your ceiling, rotating and giving you a cooling effect in the chilling heat?

I want to tell you that…

This electric fan also comes under the example of wheel and axle.

Here is the Principle behind it-

There is three major part of the electric fan and those are-

  • Fan hub
  • Fan Blade
  • Wire Binding

Here, The hub works as Axle where force is exerted on the hub through Wire binding and thus it rotates the fan blades attached to the fan hub(axle).

This is how an electric fan works.

lady with electric fan


Final Words-

This concludes Wheel And Axle Examples, from scratch to end. I hope you liked spending time here and got some value in return.

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