Why nuclear power plants have such wide chimneys?

As you know, nuclear power plants are power generation stations where atomic energy is converted into electricity.

A nuclear power plant generates heat using a process called Nuclear Fission by splitting uranium atoms, which are further converted into electricity using turbines.

Whenever we see a structure of wide towers that made a clear that it’s a nuclear power plant.

But, have a ever wondered- Why nuclear power plants have such wide chimneys?

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Why do nuclear power plants have such wide chimneys?

Why nuclear power plants have such wide chimneys

First of all, these wide chimneys or exhaust towers are known as the cooling towers in nuclear power plants and they have unique shapes for a reason.

Big power plants like nuclear power plants create a massive amount of heat to power and they don’t need this much amount of heat to produce power.

So, this extra heat needs to be vent out to avoid the creation of a meltdown scenario.

Nuclear power plants are set up near natural sources of water such as rivers, canals, lakes etc. simply because they need water to cool down the heat generated during the nuclear fission process.

When the fission reaction happens, it conducts all the heat produced into the water turning it into steam which is further routed to several turbines to produce electricity.

In the process of running the turbine, the steam eventually loses its power and it’s not capable enough to run the turbine anymore.

Then further steam moves to the cooling tower or chimney to cool down and get converted into water.

When the steam moves into the cooling tower, it sprays down from a height and air is blown across the sprayed steam. This converts steam into water.

When the steam cools and condenses, the heat is released in the form of water vapour from the top of the cooling tour into the environment.

The wide side of the chimney or cooling tower provides more surface area for steam to cool down and gives space for massive heat to escape from the top.

These massive towers act as heat sinks.


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