Types of Thermax Boiler- Everything You Need to Know

Thermax is a well-known brand for boilers, heating, cooling, water, and waste management and specialized in chemical appliances.

It is an Indian form that has a market value of 661 million US dollars (Source- Thermax global).

Thermax also provides power generation solutions along with wastewater treatment equipment and air pollution control systems.

Thermax not only operates in India, but it also operates in 88 overseas countries including Asia, Africa, Europe, and the USA.

Here, In this segment of knowledge, we will know thermax boilers types and various aspects of their boilers including their specifications, capacity as well as working principle.

Let me tell you that the thermax boiler is also known as the shellmax boiler.

So, Without further delays, Let’s dive into the mainstream…

types of Thermax boiler

Types of Thermax Boilers-

There are various thermax boiler types available in the market and they are-

  1. Biomass Fired Boilers
  2. Fixed plate-type AFBC Boilers
  3. Spent Wash Fired Boilers
  4. Waste to Energy Boilers
  5. Oil & Gas Fired Boilers
  6. Lean Gas Fired Boilers
  7. Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
  8. Pulverized fuel-fired boilers

Now, Let’s deal with these boilers one by one-

1. Biomass Fired Boilers-

Boimass-fired boilers are those types of boilers which use biomass energy and oxygen to fire the boiler.

Natural fuels such as Bagasse, mustard stalk, cotton stalk, rice husk, coffee grounds, de-oiled bran, wood chips, roasted chaff, lignite, washery rejects, paper sludge, and coal are used to ignite in these types of thermax boilers.

There are three types of Biomass fired boilers for specific applications-

  • Traveling Grate Boilers
  • Pinhole Grate Boilers
  • Pusher Grate Boilers

Specifications of the Biomass Boiler-

  • Steam generation Capacity- 300 tons per hour
  • Steam Pressure- 135kg per centimeter square
  • Steam temperature- 540 degrees Celcius
  • Multiple stage superheater
  • Tall furnace for complete and continuous combustion
  • Specialized attemperator to control steam temperature

2. Fixed plate-type AFBC Boilers-

Fixed plate Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion(AFBC) boilers are those who used the scrap fuels such as high ash fuel, containing stone fuels to fire the boiler.

The fixed plate uses as a heat-exchanger device.

Specifications of the Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion(AFBC) boilers-

  • Steam generation Capacity- 200 tons per hour
  • Steam Pressure- 160 kg per centimeter square
  • Steam temperature- 540 degrees Celcius
  • Multiple fuel firing

3. Spent Wash Fired Boilers-

Spent Wash Fired Boilers are those who uses distillery waste to fire the boiler.

This boiler uses as a fuel that wastes created while the making of alcoholic beverages in the distillation process.


  • Steam generation Capacity- From 10 tons per hour.

4. Waste to Energy Boilers-

Waste and energy boilers use trash and non-recyclable solid waste to fire the boiler just like waste to energy plants.

Non-hazardous and commercial waste are used to fire this boiler.


  • Steam generation Capacity- 600 tons per hour
  • Reciprocating Grate

5. Oil & Gas Fired Boilers-

It is a type of thermax boiler which uses liquid fuel and gaseous fuel to fire these boilers.

It is known to be one of the high-efficient boilers and reliable as well.

There are two types of this boilers for specific applications-

  • D-Type boilers
  • Single-drum high-capacity radiant boilers

6. Lean Gas-Fired Boilers-

As the name suggests, The boiler is fired from lean gases(dry gas), known as lean gas-fired boilers.

There are two types of this boilers for specific applications-

  • Blast furnace or coke oven gas-fired boilers
  • Waste gas-fired boilers

7. Waste Heat Recovery Boilers-

These are the boilers which recover heat from the hot flue gases.

These boilers are used where an extreme amount of heat is released from the boiler’s ash as this boiler uses those heat waves to generate steam and further cool down those ashes for disposal.

8. Pulverized fuel-fired boilers-

Pulverized fuel-fired boilers are those boilers that use pulverized coal or powdered coal to fire the boiler.

Fine powder of solid fuel (coal) is placed into the firebox to ignite the combustion chamber and further hot flue gases are used to generate the steam.

Working Principle of Thermax Boilers-

Hot gases are produced by the burning of fuels and further hot fuel gases are traveled into the tubes or around the tubes and thus water gets heated.

When the heating of water gets to the boiling point, water started to convert into steam.

And, generated steam is sent to the required location. This is how these boilers work.


Wrapping Up-

This is all I have to say about Thermax Boilers Types.

I hope I was able to clearly and simply describe every component of this boiler. If there are any errors, please include them in the comment section.

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