Difference between Jet condenser and Surface condenser

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Difference between Jet condenser and Surface condenser-

Here are the list of side by side comparison of the same-

S.NoJet CondenserSurface Condenser
01.In a jet condenser, water and steam come into direct contact.In a surface condenser, water and steam do not come into direct contact.
02.A smaller amount of cooling water is requiredA large amount of cooling water is needed
03.The suction is kept lowMaintaining a high vacuum is possible
04.It is not possible to utilise condensate as hot feed waterThe condensate can be used as hot feedwater again
05.Simple design and low-cost maintenanceDesign complexity and high maintenance costs
06.It takes up less space and is only ideal for small plantsIt takes up more room and may serve huge plants
07.The cooling water and steam are mixed up in the jet condenserIn a steam condenser, the cooling water and steam don’t ever mix together
08.Plant efficiency is unaffected by the jet condenserThe steam condenser, on the other hand, improves plant efficiency
09.The steam condenses as it comes into contact with coolantThe steam condenses as a result of heat transfer by conduction and conversation
10.More power is required for water pumpingLess power is required for water pumping
12.Less UpkeepMore Upkeep






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