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Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler-

This Boiler is a high-pressure, water tube, forced circulation steam boiler and the operation of the Schmidt-Hartmann boiler is just similar to an electric transformer.

So, The working principle of the Schmidt-Hartmann boiler is- Two pressure circuits are used to interchange energy. The primary circuit which of distilled water and the secondary circuit is impure water.

Air preheater heats up the air with the help of flue gases and a superheater is used to superheat the saturated steam coming out from the evaporated drum.

A feed preheater is used to preheat the feed water coming from the feed pump and a primary separator is used to separate the steam and non-steam fluid.

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As you know, in this boiler two water circuit is used to generate the steam, Let’s see how…

The distilled water is drawn from the water drum with natural circulation and it goes to the primary evaporator where distilled water is converted into steam with the help of the combustion chamber which supplies the needed heat to the boiler shell using fuel.

Now this partially converted steam goes to the primary separator where fully converted steam is passed to the secondary evaporator and the rest of the non-steam water drops are settled down there.

Now, this steam moves to the secondary evaporator, where this distilled water steam is condensed through impure water coming from the hot well via a feedwater heater.

Now, distilled water steam will convert impure water into the steam flowing outside of the condensed steam tube in the secondary evaporator.

Now, the condensed steam will move to the feedwater heater where it will use to heat up impure water coming from the hot well up to the saturated temperature level.

Then this condensed steam goes to the water drum and this cycle repeats.

Now, Impure water steam will go to the superheater to further heat up and then steam is ready to use for turbines or as per need.

Schmidt Hartmann boiler diagram-

schmidt hartmann boiler diagram
Image Source- Slideshare

Advantages of Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler-

Here are some advantages of this boiler-

  1. No need to soften the impure water
  2. Easy in cleaning
  3. Economical in nature
  4. Impure water can further convert into steam
  5. No danger of salt deposition
  6. Better handling of Load fluctuation

Disadvantages of Schmidt-Hartmann boiler-

Here is the Disadvantage of this boiler-

  1. The plant must frequently stop for cleaning due to buildup in the evaporator drum from using unclean water.

Applications of Schmidt-Hartmann boiler-

Here are the uses of this boiler-

  1. Central Heating
  2. Power Plants
  3. Paper Mills
  4. Chemical Industries


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