Various Application of fluid mechanics

As you know, Fluid is the word referred to as a matter that can flow. For example- water, milk, juice, CNG and many more. If you take a close look at the state of matter, they are either in liquid form or gaseous form.

So, at the first glance, A substance in the liquid or gas phase is referred to be fluid. Where mechanics is the area where the behaviour of bodies is analysed subjected to the forces.

Here the complete definition of fluid mechanics will be-

Fluid mechanics is the branch of physical science that deals with the behaviour of fluid at rest or in motion.

This was a brief overview of fluid mechanics to give you the basics of the same before going into the mainstream.

So, without wasting too much of your time, Let’s get into the mainstream where you will know the Application of fluid mechanics.

Application of Fluid Mechanics-

These are some basic applications of fluid mechanics-

  • Automobile
  • Medical sciences
  • Piping
  • Electric appliances
  • Ships and Boats
  • Aircrafts
  • Power plants
  • Fire Safety
  • Nature
  • Sports Ball
  • Water system
  • Hydraulic system
  • HVAC


Most automobiles whether bikes or cars consist of an internal combustion engine to power themself. It is the fluid that sips into the engine in the form of fuel and further power the entire vehicle.

Here the behaviour of fluid plays a significant role in the performance of the IC engine. since the efficiency of the engine is mainly governed by the flow field developed within the cylinder of the engine.

Fluid mechanics also play a vital role in the design of the car body. A body is designed for lower air resistance which is usually measured in terms of Drag force.

Medical Sciences-

The flow of blood through arteries and veins in the human body is a closed example representing the importance of fluid mechanics in our life. Fluid mechanics has helped researchers to understand the behaviour of blood flowing through arteries and veins.

It has great relevance to the biology of cardiovascular diseases.

A lot of advanced research is now possible in medical science with a better understanding of blood flow mechanics.

In fact, Many medical equipments like artificial breathers, and blood pressure measuring devices are designed based on the principle of fluid mechanics.


The design of the water and sewage pipe network in our house is not possible without the knowledge of fluid mechanics.

One must be aware of the behaviour of water flowing within the pipe. It has also helped in predicting energy loss due to friction and pumping power required.

Electric Appliances-

There are many household electric appliances where the intervention of fluid can not be ignored.

For example- A ceiling fan is designed to circular the air in the room and another such example is the room air conditioner which is designed to maintain the humidity and temperature of the air. The refrigerator is used to prevent foods and vegetables and so on.

This shows how is fluid mechanics is connected to our day to day life.

Ships and Boats-

The design of water vehicles like ships and boats would not have been possible without the knowledge of fluid mechanics.

Ships and boats are floating on the surface of the water by a phenomenon called buoyancy which is seen in the fluids. It also helps to determine ships and boats on the surface of the water.

Aircraft (Air vehicles)-

Along with road and water vehicles, Air vehicle also uses fluid mechanics to a greater extent. The jet engine used to propel the aircraft uses a fluid, that is atmospheric air as a medium to transfer the energy.

Also, the lift produced in the air vehicles greatly depends on the airflow field around the wing of the air vehicle.

Power plants-

Almost all the power plants and process plants as deal with fluids directly or indirectly. Around 70% of electricity, demands is met by coal-based thermal power plants that used water as a medium of transferring heat energy from coal.

In fact, India is the 6th largest country in the world that extracts hydro-energy from water.

Where fluid mechanics has its own importance right from the design to the operation of hydro-power plants.

Fire Safety-

Fire safety equipment like pumps is specially designed to deal with unwanted fire using various fluids. The performance of all this can be studied with the knowledge of fluid mechanics.


There is numerous application of fluid mechanics illustrated in nature as well like the movement of jellyfish inside water, birds flying in the air, and even small creature like butterflies that uses fluid mechanics unknowingly.


Have you thought about the swing of the cricket ball and why does it deviate in the air?

There is the fluid mechanics behind this phenomenon. It is because of uneven pressure distribution on two sides of the ball due to the laminar and turbulent boundary layer.


Wrapping Up-

The application of fluid mechanics has not been restricted to these few examples explained here, rather it has a very wide spectrum of applications in Engineering and science.

I hope this article will trigger your curiosity and motivate you to learn and understand fluid mechanics.

If so, share with near and dear ones to spread this knowledge out there. Because sharing is also a form of caring.

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