Metal Cutting Tool: Definition, Various Types and Cutting Tool Materials

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Today, I am going to discuss metal cutting tool with their definitions, types, and materials used in the cutting tool.

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Metal Cutting Tool

What is a Metal cutting tool?

Removal of excess material from the metal surface requires a sharp edge tool that gives the workpiece a desired shape and size, known as a metal cutting tool.

These cutting tools can be in wedge shape most of the time. Wedge-shaped cutting tools help users to shear the metal layer more easily.

Type of Metal Cutting Tools-

There are two types of metal cutting tools used in the various machine shops and they are-

  1. Single-Point Cutting Tool
  2. Multi-Point Cutting Tool

1. Single-Point Cutting Tools-

Single-point cutting tools are those cutting tools that have a single cutting edge or single cutting teeth, Known as a single cutting tool.

Types of Single Point Cutting tool-

There are various types of this metal cutter and they are-

  1. Solid Tool
  2. Forge Tool
  3. Tipped Tool
  4. Inserted Tool
  5. Right Hand Tool
  6. Left Hand Tool
  7. Turning Tool
  8. Facing Tool
  9. Parting Tool
  10. Boring Tool
I. Solid Cutting Tool-

Solid tools are used to remove the excess materials from tough or very hard workpieces, Such as steel materials etc.

This solid tool provides a very high material removal rate which further helps to provide a high production rate.

II. Forge Tool-

Forging tools are used to roll into the shape of high-strength metal materials by hammering, pressing, or rolling using forge tools.

Example of forge tools is- Hammer, chisel, press, die, etc.

III. Tipped Tool-

Tipped tools are those tools that have two different kinds of material used to make the tipped tool.

Here, the tool itself is made from another material, and other parts where the tool itself is welded is made from another material. These tools are further used in the drilling and cutting of hard materials such as diamonds.

IV. Insert Tool-

It is a flexible type of tool that can be removed or flipped as per need without changing the tool holder, known as the Insert tool.

V. Right Hand Cutting Tool-

It is a tool that removes materials from right to left and the backward movement of the tool is kept ideal.

VI. Left Hand Cutting Tool-

It is a tool that removes materials from left to right and the opposite movement of the tool is kept ideal(ie, No removal takes place).

VII. Turning Tool-

Turning cutting tools are used to cut the outer surface of the workpiece using the lathe machine as per requirement.

VIII. Facing Tool-

It is a single-point cutting tool which is pointed perpendicular to the workpiece rotation axis which helps to provide a smooth face surface.

IX. Parting Tool-

As the name suggests, This tool is used to separate or cut a single metal workpiece into two. Simply, the Parting tool cut a single piece workpiece into double pieces.

X. Boring Tool-

This boring tool uses to produce holes in the workpiece with accuracy and precision.

2. Multi-Point Cutting Tools-

Multi-point cutting tools are those cutting tools that have more than one cutting edge or multi-cutting teeth, Known as a multi-cutting tool.

Types of Multi-Point Cutting tool-

There are various types of this metal cutter tool and they are-

  1. Milling Cutting tool
  2. Reamer
  3. Grinding Wheel
  4. Broaching Tool
  5. Ripsaw
I. Milling Cutting Tool-

This cutting tool has a multi-point cutting tool used to remove the excess materials from the workpiece surface.

II. Reamer-

This reamer tool is used to finish up the drilled hole and it is also used in case of hole enlargement if required.

III. Grinding Wheel-

As you may know, a grinding tool is a multi-point cutting tool used to remove excess layers from the upper surface of the workpiece.

This tool is also used in eliminating rust, and paints and further providing shape to any metal pieces.

IV. Broaching Tool-

This multi-cutting tool is used to provide shape and a finished touch to the difficult the reach places of the workpiece or removal of excess material internally.

V. Ripsaw-

Ripsaw multi-cutting tool having multi-teeth uses to cut rough workpieces or single workpieces into multiple pieces.

Types of Cutting Tool Materials-

There are several materials are used to make these cutting tools and they are-

  1. High Speed steel(HSS)
  2. Cubic Boron Nitride
  3. Tungsten Carbide
  4. Diamond
  5. Ceramics


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