20 Different Types of wood cutting Machine With Name & Pictures

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As you know, this blog post is going to elaborate on the various Types of wood-cutting machine used in our day-to-day life.

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Types of Wood Cutting Machines-

Here is the list of Types of wood-cutting tools or machine, which we use in our daily lives and they are-

  1. Hack Saw
  2. Camping Saw
  3. Axe
  4. Chain Saw
  5. Hand Saw
  6. Crosscut Saw
  7. Rip Saw
  8. Jig Saw
  9. Table Saw
  10. Router
  11. Planes
  12. Circular Saw
  13. Large Band Saw
  14. Pruning Saw
  15. Scroll Saw
  16. CNC Saw
  17. Reciprocating Saw
  18. Panel Saw
  19. Rope Chain Saw

Let’s look at these Wood Cutter Hand Tools one by one in detail-

1. Hack Saw-

A hacksaw is one of the most common cutting tools used to perform various kinds of cutting operations including wood cutting.

It is hand-powered and includes with blade shaped with a small tooth on one side fitted in a C-shaped frame with a handle.

The blade of the hacksaw can be from 6 to 12 inches in general.

The hacksaw consists of two major parts including a metal frame of the saw and a removable blade attached with the retaining pins from both ends as shown in the figure.


2. Camping Saw-

It is a crucial and very necessary object for camping lovers because this gadget helps to cut and collect some firewood to burn and cook while you are in any remote location for camping.

This is a triangular-shaped tool with a removable blade and with a big handle to grab the tool while cutting operations.

This camping saw also helps to size the firewood to burn easily and effectively without using your knee or your boot to break.

These camping saws are foldable and easy to carry while you are on the go, That’s why these saws are also known as folding saws.

camping saw

3. Axe-

An ancient tool and One of the most common and most used tools to perform cutting operations around the globe is- Axe.

Most of the cutting operations are done from the axe around the wood and the axe is one of the most common examples of a wedge simple machine.

The sharp edges of the axe help to cut and force the wood apart and shape, split, or resize it easily and effectively.

There was a time when this axe is used as a weapon to protect or inhibit humankind in ancient.

axe cutitng a tree

4. Chain Saw-

One of the most brutal, violent, and hungry machine ever built by humankind is a chain saw which cut trees in minutes.

A tree took years of time to grow to its full potential and shape while this chain saw chops down the years of cultivation process in minutes.

Such a cruel and violent tool. Isn’t It?

This tool has a saw blade situated on the revolving chain on the long metal guide bar with a motor or petrol engine to operate these parts and further perform the cutting operations.


5. Hand Saw-

Not everyone needs a saw, but if you are planning to build a deck board, construct a treehouse, or resize any piece of wood, Then a saw is necessary.

Hand saws are one most easily available tools in the market. These hand saws can be different in name due to the wide range of options in hand saws.

One of the common names for hand saws is panel saws.

Examples of hand saws or types of hand saws are- Hack saws, Coping saws, Bowcut saws, Japanese saws, etc.

6. Crosscut Saw-

It is a hand tool equipped with sharp teeth for chopping fine and clean wood chopping. This tool can be large or small and can be operated manually or automated.

The operation of a cross saw can be performed with both sides or a single side.

The other name of this cutting tool is the thwart saw.

crosscut saw

7. Rip Saw-

The rip saw is used When the cutting operation of wood is needed to align with parallel direction wood grain. Basically, this saw is used to make rough cuts on the wood pieces.

Let me tell you that Rip saw is also known as a tooth saw.

rip saw

8. Jig Saw-

It is a great tool for cutting irregular shapes and making the curve of wood materials and chopping the wood materials into multiple shapes and forms.

Circular cutting operations of wood can be precisely done with the help of a jigsaw. Jigsaw is an advanced tool that is fully automated and runs with the help of the power supply.

Again, Let me tell you that this jigsaw is also known as Saber Saw.


9. Table Saw-

As the name of the saw suggests that it is a saw mounted on the table known as a table saw. Table saws are one of those advanced tools that cut wood materials into multiple pieces in a fraction of the time.

Both parallel and curved cutting operations can be done with the help of this table saw via an installed lever arrangement.

Let me tell you that- Sawbench or Bench Saw is the other name of this table saw.

table saw

10. Woodworking Router-

It consists of an electric motor and cutter which rotates at a very high speed.

Woodworking routers are basically used to perform milling operations in woodworking which further can be operated manually or automated(Mostly Automated).

Routers can be performed multiple tasks such as grooves and rebates, decorative flutings, edges profiling, Inlays Cutting, trimming flat wood surfaces, Shaping the wood pieces, Drilling clean holes, Cut Screw Threads, Useful in Wood joints, etc.

wood working router

11. Planes-

Hand Planes are the tools which uses to shape the wood surface using hand power.

Let me tell you that some of the woodworking planes are automated and they are equipped with motor running on electricity.

These planes are used to flatten the surface of the wood piece as well as uses to reduce the thickness of the wood piece meanwhile giving a smooth surface finish.

Making the smooth and flattened surface from the rough and uneven surface is another use of this tool.

plane saw

12. Circular Saw-

As the name indicates, It uses a circular abrasive disc to perform cutting operations of different materials including wood pieces.

This tool runs using electricity as you can say, it is an automated tool.

The main components of this circular saw are- Power supply cord, an Abrasive circular disc or blade, an Upper guard and lower guard, SHoe or Baseplate, a Front handle and back handle, a Bevel adjustment lever, Height Adjustment Lever.

The main uses of the circular saw are- Ripping and Sizing, Making straight cuts, Uses in Dimensional Lumber works and Plywood works, etc.

circular saw

13. Large Band Saw-

It consists of a large sharp blade equipped with continuous teeth. It uses to cut the curve and is mostly used to make the circle in a precise manner.

Precise and clear-cutting of wood pieces into two parts is another use of the large band saw. Some of the other uses of this large band saw are- Cutting, Lumbering, and so on.

This tool is powered by an electric motor and a long sharp blade placed horizontally just like a sewing machine.

large band saw

14. Pruning Saw-

These are the folding saws which use to trim shrubs and trees in the garden or in the forest.

Branches and stems can be trimmed so perfectly using this saw for any kind of plant.

plunge saw

15. Scroll Saw-

This saw basically seems like a sewing machine equipped with sharp and thin wire-type teeth blades. This kind of saw is super flexible to cut any kind of shape using wood materials.

Any kind of Desired shape can be obtained using the scroll saw.

One of the Super easy and super flexible Saw machines powered by an electric motor.

scroll saw

16. CNC Saw-

As you may know, CNC machines are computer-controlled machines that are programmed to do specific cutting operations.

The same goes for CNC Saw which is computer controlled saw which is further programmed to cut the precise lines, curves, and desired shapes.

The main operations of any CNC Saw are- Carving, Engraving, cutting, milling, drilling, grooving, etc.

17. Reciprocating Saw-

As you know, Reciprocating means push-pull motion.

The same mechanism applies to the reciprocating saw where the push and pull motion of the blade is established using the electric-powered motor.

These types of saws are used in demolition and renovation projects.

reciprocating saw

18. Panel Saw-

At first notice, Panel Saws seem like table saws with an abrasive circular disc or blade at the top of the table.

This saw uses to cut the wood pieces into desired or sized pieces.

The arrangement of the panel saw can be horizontal or vertical as per need.

Panel Saws are considered to be one of the most space-efficient saws which take less space to install.

panel saw

19. Mitre Saw-

Miter Saws are designed to cut, trim, and possibly carpentry works of any kind of wood pieces and metal materials.

This miter saw is primarily used for woodworking as well as for construction projects.

The cutting angle of this saw is more the 90 degrees, that’s why this saw is called a miter saw.

mitre saw

20. Rope Chain Saw-

A rope chain saw is one of the magic tool which cut any kind of tree branch(Mostly thin) which is situated at a certain height without needing to climb.

The chain of the saw is tied with the rope from both ends and further push-pull method will do its job.

rope chain saw


Wrapping Up-

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