What is Lever?- Principle, Types, And Examples

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Today, I am going to Elaborate on the topic which is known to be Lever. In this blog post, I will cover most of the information related to lever including Definitions, Types, Principles, Diagrams, Parts, Working, Examples, Mechanisms, Applications, and more down the road.


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What is Lever?

A lever is a type of simple machine which contributes to changing or transmitting the force from one end to another with a help of a Fulcrum and rigid beam, Known as a lever.

balance scale lever example

OR, A rigid beam which moves around the balancing point(Called fulcrum) is known as Lever.

A lever is a simple yet effective kind of simple machine that reduces the effort while increasing the mechanical advantage.

The main function of the lever ranges between effort, load, fulcrum as well as beam. These are the pillars of any lever meanwhile I will discuss these parts of a lever down the road.

Principle of Lever-

When equal weighted force is applied at both ends, both forces will balance themselves using the fulcrum in between.

Thus, Levers also works on the same principle by balancing load and effort using the balancing point ”Fulcrum”.

wheel barrow lever eaxmple

Parts of the Lever-

There are four major parts of the lever and they are-

  1. Load
  2. Effort
  3. Fulcrum
  4. Beam

1. Load- 

Load is the essential part of any lever which pushes the lever to show its usefulness in this mechanical world. Without applying load, the lever won’t balance itself, and hence the concept of the lever will fail.

2. Effort- 

The purpose of the lever will be useless If the effort is not applied. Applied force(effort) travels through the beam and hit the load part via the balancing point ‘Fulcrum’.

3. Fulcrum- 

The major component of any lever is a fulcrum. It plays the role of the balancing point where it operates to balance the load and effort.

4. Beam- 

The beam is another major component of any lever where load and effort both quantity is hanged on the rigid beam.

nut cracker lever example

Working of a Lever-

As you know, Lever revolves around three major components and those are Load, Effort, and fulcrum.

Again as you know, Levers are used to reduce the effort while increasing the mechanical advantage. Levers are great in reducing the gravitational force which further removes the total amount of effort needed.

Working of Lever-

When the force(Effort) is applied at the one end which moves the load sitting on another end through the fixed or balancing point ‘Fulcrum’.

After applying the effort the load goes up reducing the gravitational pull at the load end which further reduces the application of effort.

Here fulcrum plays a major role to provide smooth application of the lever in any given circumstance.

This is How a Lever Works.

broom lever example

Examples of the Lever-

There are classes of a lever and their examples are different according to their class. So, I have written a blog post separately on this topic. Follow the below to know the complete examples of various classes of lever-

Applications of Lever-

Here are the some of applications of the lever stated below-

  1. Railways
  2. Signalling Sysytems
  3. Reciprocating Engines
  4. Hand Pumps
  5. Hydraulic Machines
  6. Automobile Industries
  7. Governers


Wrapping Up-

This is all I have in the Lever segement. Most of the topic has been covered in this blog post as per my awareness if anything is left, comment down below and I wiil try to add in time.

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