Top 10 Double Pulley Examples With Explanation

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This blog post is going to tell the top 10 Double Pulley Examples which can be found in our daily life and beyond daily life.

So, without taking too much of your time, Let’s get into the mainstream…

Examples of Double Pulley System-

Here is the list of the top foundable double pulley examples and they are-

  1. Gym Weight Cable Pulley System
  2. Cranes
  3. Tank Treads
  4. Lathe Machine
  5. Drilling Machine
  6. Rope Ways
  7. Power Hacksaw Machine
  8. Double Pulley gym cable machine
  9. Rigging Equipment
  10. Railways Overhead Lines

1. Gym Weight Cable Pulley System-

If you are gym enthusiastic and want to build a perfect body, then you will have definitely with gym weight cable pulley system which is used to build and strengthen your biceps, tricep, forearm, and shoulder.

This gym equipment uses a double pulley system to give users a mechanical advantage as well as flexibility while using.

tricep workout machine

2. Cranes-

Cranes are one of the most used and most demanded machines used for loading-unloading, construction works, moving heavy objects and much more down the road can be done with cranes with greater flexibility.

Most of the cranes have a double pulley system that supports the transmission of force into the rope and further helps in the movement of those ropes effortlessly with any kind of resistance.

These pulley systems in cranes also provide mechanical advantages to cranes which further increase the efficiency and life of the crane.


3. Tank Treads-

You may be familiar with Tank treads.

If you don’t, It’s fine too.

Let me tell you about this, it is mostly used in armored vehicles or in military tanks and further in construction vehicles to give much better traction than wheel.

This tank track is supported by multiple pulley systems to support the track of the tank running beneath the pulleys.

This arrangement of pulleys in tracks greatly increase the mechanical advantage of the tank and further supports rugged roads or uneven surface.

tank tracks

4. Lathe Machine-

As you know, lathe machines are the most used machines in factories such as mechanical industries, used to grind, shape, and modify any test piece or workpiece with the help of the lathe.

Speed can be increased or decreased via a double pulley mechanism with the help of belts in lathe machines.

The pulley mechanism used in the lathe is known as the stepped pulley mechanism.

lathe machine

5. Drilling Machine-

Drill machines are the most common machine in any kind of mechanical industry or machinery manufacturing for making precise holes into hard materials.

Like lathe machine, drill machine also uses the dual step pulley arrangement to increase and decrease the rotational motion of the machine.

drilling machine

6. Rope Ways-

Ropeways are one the most fantastic and exciting mechanism for adventurous people who loves to view nature’ beauty from an aerial distance.

This rope mechanism uses multiple pulley systems including a twin pulleys mechanism to help the rope to move along with trolleys.

This pulley arrangement gives a smooth and resistance-free path to the moving rope, where needed.

rope way

7. Power Hacksaw Machine-

As you will know, a Power hacksaw machine is an electric-supplied device used to cut large and high-thickness metal workpieces.

There is a double pulley arrangement inside the system, where one step pulley is connected to the motor shaft, and the other one is connected to the eccentric pulley.

These both pulleys help the operator to increase or decrease the cutting speed of the hacksaw blade.

power hacksaw machine

8. Double Pulley Gym Cable Machine-

These gym cable machines are used to strengthen your back, arms, chest, and legs.

Some of the cable machines in the gym use a double pulley mechanism to give a suitable way to the rope and further smooth experience while exercising.

9. Rigging Equipment-

you might have noticed that heavy loads are taken off and down through some kind of arrangement on mechanical or construction sites, known as rigging equipment.

Those arrangements can be dual pulley arrangements which give workers a great amount of mechanical advantages which further results in more work done with the least effort applied.

10. Railways Overhead Lines-

You might be a frequent traveler of the train and you might also enjoy traveling on the train just like me, Then you might have noticed three pulleys or maybe more including dual pulleys above the pole of the overhead electric lines.

As this pulley arrangement is provided to tension the wire and reduce counterweight because as you know, an increased number of pulleys also increase the mechanical advantage.

This is also a suitable example of physics.

Railways Overhead Lines pulley arrangement


Wrapping Up-

This is all I have for Double Pulley System Examples. I hope these unique examples of the same gave you a set of clarity and open you up in the world of pulleys.

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