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simple machine

Definition of Simple Machine-

An object with the ability to change the direction of force or transform motion into another type of motion is known as a simple Machine.

These simple machines are known to increase the initially applied force and make things or work easy to do.

And there are basically six types of simple machines, that are-

  • Inclined Plane
  • Lever
  • Wedge
  • Wheel and Axle
  • Pulley
  • Screw

Mentioning, these types will be discussed down the road.

Type of Simple Machine-

There are six types of simple machines and they are-

  1. Inclined Plane
  2. Lever
  3. Wedge
  4. Wheel and Axle
  5. Pulley
  6. Screw

1. Inclined Plane-

As the name indicates, A surface which is tilted itself on its axis or tilted surface is placed on the plane surface with a higher angle than another known to be an inclined plane. The other name for the inclined plane is Ramp.

The pulling force of gravity pulled the object placed on the origin of the inclined plane with the help of an Unbalanced force which further helps in raising or lowering the object.

A common rule of thumb for sliding things on an inclined surface is that the greater the angle of tilt, the better and faster the sliding will be.

inclined plane diagram

2. Lever-

A lever is a type of simple machine which has a function to change the direction of force upside down through a balance point, known to be a Lever.

A lever can consist of beam pivots on a balance point, called ”fulcrum” where initial downward force is applied on one end of the beam and due to a change in direction of force, Another end of the beam is lifted into an upward direction.

Lever diagram

Types of Lever-

Lever consist of three types and they are-

  1. First Class Lever 
  2. Second Class Lever
  3. Third Class Lever 
I. First Class Lever-

First-class levers are those in which Initial force is applied on one end of the beam and load placed on the other end of the beam having a fulcrum in the middle.

This figure will clarify, have a look…First class Lever diagram

II. Second Class Lever-

Second-class levers are those which Initial force applied on the one end of the beam and load placed on the middle and having a fulcrum in the other end of the beam.

This figure will clarify your doubt, have a look…

second class Lever diagram

III. Third Class Lever-

Third-class levers are those which Initial force applied in the middle of the beam and load placed on the other end having a fulcrum at another end of the beam.

Have a look at this image…

third class Lever diagram

 3. Wedge-

Wedge is a triangular-shaped type of simple machine including two inclined planes forming a sharp edge at the end and a thicker shape on the other end.

Initial force is applied on the vertical edge of the wedge and this wedge can change postions according to your need, Unlike an inclined plane.

You can see many real-life events which are done through wedges including cutting a portion of the object, and lifting heavy loads, to hold the object from moving.

A wedge can be made up of metal, wood, stone or plastic.


 4. Wheel and Axle-

An object which is round in shape moves circularly with external force application, called Wheel. A wheel is not a simple machine alone without including an axle.

Suppose you have a box containing a really heavy load which won’t be pushed by you by any means due to resisting force applied on the ground called friction.

Here is the simple solution for your problem- Apply wheels under the load and it will move your heavy loads in a minute without putting too much effort into it.


A kind of shaft which helps to spin the wheel or pair of wheels, known as an Axle.

As you know, Axle will not count as a simple machine without including a wheel and due to the addition of both wheel and axle, friction is greatly reduced.

As the effort is applied to the axle, Axle starts to roll and with that wheel also starts to spin respectively.

wheel and axle

5. Pulley-

Pulley is another version of a Wheel and axle where effort is applied through a rope or belt to lift the load with the help of a groove along the edges, known as Pulley.

The addition of two or more pulleys will greatly reduce the applied forces or effort with the same amount of load. As pulleys are known to be foece multiplier.

Types of pulley-

There are two types or kinds of pulley-

I. Fixed Pulley

II. Movable Pulley

I. Fixed Pulley-

A type of pulley which is fixed with any kind of shaft and does not move by any means is known as a Fixed Pulley.

Examples of Fixed pulleys are- Water well, Window Blinds, Pulley lights and Motor Pulley. 

II. Movable Pulley-

A type of pulley which can be moved on the shaft while carrying the load or without load is known as a Movable Pulley.

Examples of Movable pulleys are- Exercise Equipment, Theatre Curtains, Elevators, Exercise Equipment and Sails on sailboats.

pulley diagram

6. Screw-

A simple machine wrapped with a spirally inclined plane in a shaft to convert rotational motion into linear motion is known as a Screw.

A screw is one of the most used mechanical device or simple machine just like nut and bolts.

Screws are used to join things together, hold things up or used in lifting heavy weights or loads.


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Examples of Simple Machines-

Here are some interesting examples of simple machines used in everyday life.

I. Examples of Inclined Plane-

Here are some interesting 10 examples of inclined plane in everyday life

  1. Wheelchair ramp
  2. Stairs
  3. Waterslides
  4. Sloping ramps
  5. Flyovers
  6. ladders
  7. Garbage dumping containers
  8. Stunt Ramps
  9. Rooftops
  10. Ambulance Ramps

II. Examples of Lever-

Here are some interesting 10 examples of Lever in everyday life

  1. Broom
  2. Bottle Opener
  3. Hammer
  4. Fishing Rod
  5. Nail cutter
  6. Stapler
  7. Hand Juicer
  8. Seesaw
  9. Scissor
  10. manual balancing scale

III. Examples of Wedge-

Here are some interesting 10 examples of Wedge in everyday life

  1. Knife
  2. Fork
  3. Spoon
  4. Girls Heels footwears
  5. Saw
  6. Scissor
  7. Tonge
  8. Shivel
  9. Nail cutter
  10. Plier

IV. Examples of Wheel and Axle-

Here are some interesting 10 examples of Wheel and axle in everyday life

  1. Water wheel
  2. Pizza Cutter
  3. Electric Fan
  4. Steering wheel
  5. vehicle Tires
  6. Door Knob
  7. Motorcycles
  8. Wheel Chairs
  9. Wind Fans
  10. Hinges of door

V. Examples of Pulley-

Here are some interesting 10 examples of Pulley in everyday life

  1. Theatre Curtains
  2. Window Blinds
  3. Elevators
  4. Exercise Equipment
  5. Water well
  6. Pulley Lights
  7. Flag Pole
  8. Garbage Vehicle
  9. Cranes
  10. Escalators

VI. Examples of Screw-

Here are some interesting 10 examples of screw in everyday life

  1. Bottle Cap
  2. Car Jack
  3. Light Bulb
  4. Nut and Bolts
  5. Drill Machines
  6. Corkscrew
  7. Water Taps
  8. Fuel tank Cap
  9. Jar Cover
  10. Garden Hose


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