15 Compound Machines Examples Used in Day-to-Day Life

Compound Machine Examples make the work easy and effective in your workshop

Ever since the start of time, human beings have developed a lot of devices as well as tools for making our work easier and faster.

While there are many devices invented, some of them are quite notable the simple machines such as the inclined plane, the pulley, the wheel and axle, the lever, screw, and the wedge.

Through this article, we will take a look at the machines which are said to be quite simple but not that easy to understand. Thus, this article will help us go through them in detail.

From the starting time to till now, to make work easy and comfortable, human beings have been going to develop a lot of devices and tools. During their invention, they have to come for creating simple machines like planes, the wheel, axle, screw, and lever.

Even they have invented a lot of compound machines to manage their complex works easily. Surely, for varieties of work, there must be a number of compound Machine examples.

Before you come to know the examples of machines and their function, you should know the definition of a compound machine.

What is Compound Machine?

A compound machine consists of more than one simple machine but most compound ones consist of two simple machines.

As the best compound machines, you can go for wheelbarrow, corkscrew, bicycle, or motorcycle, and as the big compound machines, you come to take as car consisting of thousands of simple machines.

Now you should know the different compound machine examples.

Compound Machine Examples-

These are some examples of compound machines illustrated below-

1. Scissors

Scissors are one of the best compound machine examples. It comes with two simple machines named a wedge and a lever. The blades of scissors look wedge-shaped and the handles come to act like first-class levers.


2. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is made of three simple machines which are called a wheel, an inclined plane & axle combination, and a lever. The container of the wheelbarrow is lined with an inclined plane which helps to store lead easily.

The handle of the wheelbarrow works as a lever that helps the users to lift the load. The wheels attached to the wheelbarrow are the arrangement of wheel & axle and it allows the machine to move from one place to another.


3. Can Opener

A can opener is designed by four simple machines and they are the lever, gear, axle, and wedge. The arms of the can opener work as two levers that allow to grip and open the can.

The cutter attached to the mouth of the opener becomes a wedge which helps the machine pierce right through the body made of metal of the can.

The round part attached to the opener is a gear that rotates and even helps the user to hold the can. The rotating handle is a wheel and axle machine that supplies energy to the wedge and the gear.

can opener

4. Stapler

A stapler is a complex machine made of two simple machines a lever and a wedge. The punching mechanism of the stapler works as a second-class lever but the stapler pins work as wedges.

When the user applies force to the lever of the stapler, the wedge-shaped stapler pin enters through the papers, and simply, the task of attaching two papers starts together.


5. Finishing Rod

One of the best compound machine examples is the finishing rod. The stick of the fishing rod is an example of 1st class lever and when the load is attached to one end of it, the force is applied on the opposite side.

The fulcrum comes present in the middle. The winding and unwinding of the reel are completed with the pulley simple machine. The book attached at one end of the reel is called a wedge.

A fishing rod is like a compound machine that is formed from three simple machines marched together. They are a lever, a wedge, and a pulley.

fishing rod

6. Escalator

It is an essential and popular compound machine example. An escalator comes in the combined form of two simple machines called a pulley and a plane.

The mechanism helps the escalator belt to move a pulley simply while the escalator takes steps to modify itself as an inclined plane.


7. Shovel

The shovel is also one of the compound machine examples. It is in the combined form of a wedge and a lever simple machine. The arm of the shovel works as a third- lever and the tip of the shovel is a wedge.

The lever allows the user to move the class shovel and the wedge comes to help it penetrate the ground or heap of soil with ease.


8. Crane

A crane consists of several simple machines such as a lever, a pulley, a combination, and an axle and wheel. The pulley system helps the user pick up heavy loads easily.

The frame used in the crane attached to the pulley is the simple lever machine. The tires used in the crane work as a wheel and axle combination which helps the machine to move from one to another place.


9. Clipper –

A clipper comes with two simple machines named wedge and lever. The handles of the clipper work as the first-class lever that is a simple machine. The blades of the clipper are wedges.


10. Fan –

Without a fan, the compound machine examples cannot be completed. It consists of a wedge simple machine, the combined form of wheel and axle.

The blades of an electric fan come wedge-shaped and help to maintain the air in the room. The rotation of blades goes constantly in a surrounding way. The rotating blades come as a wheel where the hub acts.

A another examples of compound machines in everyday life.


11. Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow consists of two machines, a lever with a wheel and an axle. The lever applies an upward force to the load. The force runs with speed by lever to make the load easier to fit.

The wheel gets speed by pushing it over the ground. The rolling wheels rotate the axle and increase the speed just to make it easier in need of push the load.


12. Corkscrew

A corkscrew is a compound machine. It comes to be used as a cork and makes the neck of the bottle shut. It comes with a screw and two levers.

By turning the handle on the twists, the screw comes down on the center of the cork. Pressing down on the two levers makes the screw come upward and brings the cork with it.

The levers make their speed high and come to change their direction.


13. Ax-

Because it has both a wedge and a lever arm, Ax is a compound machine.


Car Enginе-

An automobilе еnginе is a marvеl of еnginееring, functioning as a complеx compound machinе.

It intеgratеs componеnts such as pistons, crankshafts, and gеars to sеamlеssly convеrt thе controllеd еxplosion of fuеl into powеrful and controllеd rotational motion, propеlling thе vеhiclе with prеcision and еfficiеncy.

Robot Arm-

Thе prеcision and vеrsatility of industrial procеssеs arе еlеvatеd through thе intеgration of robot arms—a compound machinе boasting various joints, actuators, and sеnsors.

Thеsе mеchanical marvеls shows thе sеamlеss еxеcution of controllеd movеmеnts in manufacturing, illustrating thе impact of automation on еfficiеncy and prеcision.


For your needs, you should go for all compound machine examples before you come to use one in your workshop.



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