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What is a Machine?

A machine is a device that is capable of doing useful work. A machine receives energy in some form and uses it for doing a particular useful work.

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Now, Let’s know about the Lifting machine.

What is a Lifting Machine?

The machines which are used to lift the load are known as lifting machines. The force(or effort) required to raise the heavy load is much smaller in lifting machines.

Now, I am going to take you to the simple definition of a simple machine.

What is Simple Lifting Machine?

The machines which have one point for the application of effort and one point for the load to be lifted are called simple lifting machines.

The simple lifting machine example is- Simple screw jack, lever, Nail cutter, Hand pump, etc.

Stay with me we are moving to the types of simple machines.

So, here we go-

Simple Machines and their Uses-

Here are the 6 simple machines, given below-

  • Lever
  • Inclined plane
  • Pulley
  • Wheel and Axle
  • Screw
  • Wedge


A lever is a simple machine, used to lift weight. Basically, it is a rod and free to move about at a fixed point.

The word lever comes from the French verb lever which means to raise.

A lever has two parts, the first one is a fulcrum and the second one is a bar. A fulcrum is a point on which a bar rests or is supported.

It can be used to lift, raise, scoop, etc. The load is placed at one end of the rod. To lift this load we need to put some effort.

Here the effort is applied to another end of the lever. It is not mandatory to have loads on the right side.


There are mainly three types of Lever-

  • Class 1 lever
  • Class 2 lever
  • Class 3 lever

Class 1 Lever- 

In class 1 lever, Fulcrum is placed in the middle. the effort is applied on one side of the fulcrum and loaded on the other side.  Examples of Class 1 Lever are Scissors, see-saws, and pliers.

Class 2 Lever- 

In the class 2 lever, the load is placed in the middle. The effort is applied on one side of the load and the fulcrum is located on the other side. An example of a class 2 lever is a wheelbarrow, bottle opener, and nutcracker.

Class 3 Lever- 

In class 3 lever. the effort is applied in the middle and the load is on one side of the effort and the fulcrum is located on the other side. The example of Tweezers, and kitchen tongs.

Wheel and Axle-

It is a wheel that is round and moves in a circular fashion. It can be attached to the ball or solid object in its center, which is called an Axle.

In general, A rod inserted in the center of the wheel is called an axle. An axle is a rod that holds the wheel and when the wheel rotates the axle rotates.

It consists of two cylinders of different diameters joined together in a way that if one is made to rotate, the other also rotates.

Example of wheel and axle is- a water well. skateboard, roller skates, and steering wheel.

People were using these simple machines in the olden days as well.

Wheel and Axle


A pulley is made up of a wheel with a groove and a rope passing through the groove and is used to make lifting easier.

A single pulley changes the direction of the lifting force. Pulleys are grooved wheels that are on an axle. Pulleys differ from the wheel and axle, in that they are designed to support the movement of a rope or cable around the pulley’s circumference.

There is a type of pulley called a fixed pulley. A fixed pulley has an axle, attached to a supporting structure.

Another type is the belt and pulley system, where A belt and pulley system is with two or more pulleys in common to a belt. This allows for power and speed to be transmitted across axles.


Incline plane-

It is a slope over which a load can be pushed. An inclined plane is a simple machine that makes it easier to move a heavy object to a higher elevation.

It reduces the amount of force needed to lift the object.

Now, Let’s see how the inclined plane works.

Incline plane also known as RAMP, some effort needs to be applied to the object and the load works down.

The best example of an inclined plane is the wheelchair RAMP. Inclined planes are also used for entertainment for people to slide down in a controlled way, another example is- playground slides, water slides, ski slopes and skateboard parks etc.

Stairs and ladders are also examples of incline planes.

Incline planes were used by people in past history.

incline plane


A screw is an Incline plane, wrapped around a cylinder. A screw is a simple machine and it is used to hold things together. The bottle cap, light bulb, jacks, nut and bolt, corkscrew are the best example of screws.

A screw consists of a narrow incline plane wrapped around the cylinder.



A double-incline plane is called a wedge. It is a simple machine that helps to tear apart solid objects. An axe, knife, nail cutter, and wood chisel are the best examples of a wedge.

A double-incline plane is called a wedge. It is a simple machine that helps to tear apart solid objects. Axe, knife, nail cutter, wood chisel are the best examples of double-inclined planes.Wedge

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What type of simple machine, a shovel is?

The edge of a shovel is a wedge. A shovel can be used as a lever when it is used to lift snow or soil.

What type of simple machine, a plier is?

Plier is a class 1 lever, the fixed point is at the middle of the object.

State the practical applications where simple lifting machines are commonly used.

Simplе lifting machinеs likе lеvеrs and pullеys find еvеryday usе in various practical applications. Lеvеrs hеlp lifts hеavy objеcts with lеss еffort, sееn in sее-saws and crowbars. Pullеys makе tasks еasiеr, lifting loads in window blinds and flagpolеs. 


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