Top 15 Unique Types of Metal Cutting Machine Used In Workshops

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Types of Metal Cutting Machine

What is Metal Cutting Machine?

A tool or machine which removes or cut unwanted materials or portion to give the finished look or surface to the metal piece is known as a metal cutting machine.

From 1771 to 1831, was the era for developing machines and machines tools including industrial metal cutting machines.

Further, Henry Maudslay is the father of machine tool technology.

Types of Metal Cutting Machine-

Here are the top unique types of workshop machinery, listed and described below-

  1. Lathe Machine
  2. Capstan Lathe Machine
  3. Milling Machine
  4. Drilling Machine
  5. Radial Drilling Machine
  6. Threading Machine
  7. Shaper Machine
  8. Planning Machine
  9. Double Housing Planer
  10. Grinding Machine
  11. Tapping Machine
  12. Centerless Grinder
  13. Bandsaw Machine
  14. Facing Machine
  15. Turning Machine

1. Lathe Machine-

One of the oldest and most used machines in any workshop is a lathe machine and you know that this machine is used to remove an unwanted layer or workpieces and further shape metal pieces as per requirement or design.

The lathe machine uses a single-point cutting tool to remove unwanted materials from the workpiece.

As you may know, Workpiece is clamped in the chuck and further chuck rotates at a uniform speed and single-point cutting tool does its job by giving them shape and size by removing the unwanted materials from the metal piece or workpiece surface.

Capstan Lathe Machine-

This is a type of lathe machine in which the majority of operations can be done without changing the cutting tool. For example- Boring, Drilling, Threading, Turning Etc.

These lathe machines are used in small machine shops or workpieces which are further used in mass production of fix range of workpiece finishing.

Milling Machine-

Milling machines are used to remove unwanted material from the surface of the workpiece using the cutting tool- a rotary cutter.

Operation of the Milling machine is- Plain milling, slab milling, face milling, angular milling, gang milling, end milling, etc.

Drilling Machine-

As you may know, Drilling machines are used to drill the circular hole in the workpiece at desired location precisely using a cutting tool- Drill Bit.

The size or diameter of the cutting tool can vary as per drilling requirements.

Drilling machines are one of the most used machines in any workshop or machine shop just like lathes.

Radial Drilling Machine-

These are special drilling machines made for special drilling. These radial drilling machines are used to drill high-thickness as well as heavy and large workpieces(heavy metal cutting machines).

This is a specially designed machine to drill unmovable workpieces due to its length and weight.

The main parts of this drilling machine are- Base, column, radial arm, elevating screw, table, and driiling tool.

Threading Machine-

This machine is used to make threads on any pipe or tube or metal rod or bolt.

Thread machines consist of thread rollers which are roller cum die with thread impression which further helps to make threads on any workpiece bar.

Shaper Machine-

Removal of unwanted materials from flat surfaces in the linear reciprocating way with single point cutting tool.

The main parts of this shaper machine are- Base, Column, Cross rail, Table, and ram.

The quick return mechanism helps to move the cutting tool on a linear path mounted on the reciprocating ram. The cutting tool works only in the forward stroke when the ram moves and the backward stroke goes ideal without any material removal.

Double Housing Planer-

As the name suggests, This planner machine consists of a double column or double housing usually large in size and is used to do more work done, unlike a single-column planner machine.

It has a movable table with an adjustable single-point cutting tool.

The main parts of the double housing machine are- Bed, double column, Crossbeam, movable table, Crossrail, vertical tool head, and side tool head.

Grinding Machine-

Grinding machines are used in various mechanical industries to grind the rough surfaces of any workpiece and further make it a well-finished workpiece while maintaining accuracy and shape.

Basically, there are two types of grinder available-

  • Surface Grinder
  • Bench Grinder

The major parts of these grinders are- Base, Movable table, column, Wheel head, abrasive wheel, wheel guard, motor, etc.

Centerless Grinding Machine-

This grinding machine is used to speed up the process of grinding pipes, tubes, and metal rods.

It consists of two-wheel, one is regulating wheel and the other one is a grinding wheel and both wheels are powered by separate motors rotating at different speeds.

Regulating wheel rotates at a slow speed while the grinding wheel rotates at a high speed.

Tapping Machine-

Tapping machines are metal cutting machines types used to thread any kind of workpiece internally or from inside, known to be a tapping machine.

During the tapping operation, the tapping tool rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The major components of the tapping machine are- Base, Column, Table, power transmission, conical bevel gears, and Tapping tool.

Bandsaw Machine-

A Bandsaw machine is the automatic solution for the manual hand hacksaw(automatic metal cutting machine). It is used to cut hard or heavy metal pieces by using a hacksaw cutting tool.

The major parts of the bandsaw machine are- Base, Column, Driving wheels, motor, Cutting tool, and Table with slotting.

Facing Machine-

Facing machines are types of sheet metal cutting machines used to remove unwanted materials from the end of the workpiece to give a finished surface or desired shape.

This machine uses a special single-point cutting tool to perform the operation. This facing operation also can be done by the lathe and milling machines.

Turning Machine-

This machine is used to remove the unwanted material from the outer diameter of the workpiece.

It reduces the outer diameter of the workpiece to bring the workpiece into the required or desired dimensions.


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