Difference between High Level and Low Level Jet Condenser

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High-Level Jet Condenser-

High-level high-level jet condensers have a long vertical discharge tube. It lacks a condensate extraction pump, and gravity causes the condensate and cooling water to flow into the hot well.

At the top of the condenser, cooling water is pumped through an injector pump.

Several businesses use the High-Level jet Condenser as a cost-effective way to remove air, exhaust steam, and other vapors from vacuum equipment.

For nearly a century, it has been used in the food sector to refine sugar and process other items like milk and edible oils.

barometric jet condenser is another name for High-level jet condenser.

High level jet condenser

Low-Level Jet Condenser-

The air pump is at the top of these sorts of steam condensers. A vacuum is produced by an air pump, and this vacuum pulls water from a cooling tower.

The cooling water enters at the top and the steam at the bottom. The steam rises and collides with the cooling water as it lowers.

lower ;evel jet condenser

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High Level Vs Low-Level Jet Condenser-

The table below outlines some significant variations between these condensers:

 High-Level Jet CondenserLow-Level Jet Condenser
The steam enters at the bottom and rises before colliding with the water coming down for cooling.Steam and cooling water both enter from different points such as the top and bottom respectively
At the very top of the condenser shell, a vacuum is produced  Using a vacuum and injector pump, similar to a low-level condenserThe air pump is found at the top of this condenser. The vacuum produced by the air pump takes water from the cooling tower.
A large vertical discharge pipe carries the condensate and cooling water into the hot well.A vertical pipe carries the condensate and cooling water to the condensate pump.
The exhaust steam enters from the side of the condenser close to the bottom.Due to the condensed exhaust steam in the condenser, a vacuum was formed that caused the water to rise.
There is no need for extraction pumpsPumps are required

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